Ulf Grahn Ulf Grahn studied music at the Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm and at the Stockholm City College where his principal composition studies were with Hans Eklund, violin and viola with Rudolf Forsberg, piano with Herbert Westrell and voice with Bertil During He holds a degree in Violin and Viola from Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut, Sweden and a MM from the Catholic University of America. He has also studied Business Administration, Economics and Development Studies. at The University of Uppsala and Lund, Sweden.
In 1973 he founded the Contemporary Music Forum, Washington, D.C. and served as its Program Director until 1984. During 1988-90 he was Artistic and Managing Director of the Music at Lake Siljan Festival, Sweden. Prior to this he was on the faculty of Catholic University of America, Northern Virginia Community College and at George Washington University. Presently he teaches Swedish language and culture at the Foreign Service Institute.
His list of commissions include The Library of Congress Mc Kim Fund, The Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, The Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, National Symphony String Quartet, Washington Music Ensemble, George Washington University. His residences include Chicago Musical College , University of North Dakota, Swedish Institute in Athens Greece, Jeuness Musical, and James Madison University
Mr. Grahn has composed for all media and received. His awards and prizes include Composers� Forum New York, Charles Ives Center for American Music, Composers� Conference Johnson Vermont. First prize in Stockholm International Organ Days, Musik i Dalarnas Carillon contest and Kil International Piano contest.
Recent performances include: The Instrumental Opera The Enchanted Forest; Sinfonie no 2, , Nocturne for piano trio and Tape, Trombone Unaccompanied?!, , Kurbitsm�lning for choir and violin, Echoes from the Pond for saxophone Quartet, Shimmering in the Mist at Dusk fro three Cymbal Players, Opus III for Wood wind Quintet, Burlesque for Bassoon Quartet
His music has been heard in all over Europe, North and South America, Japan, Korea and is published by Seesaw Music Corp, Edition Suecia and Edition Nglani. His music is available on Opus One, Orion and Caprice Records, quadratisch records. He is listed in Groves Dictionary of Music, , Baker�s Biographical Dictionary, Contemporary Composers St James Press, Contemporary American Composers, Who�s Who in Music He is a elected member of Society of Swedish Composers, ISCM Swedish section, He is also a member of American Composers Forum, The Society of Composers Inc

Ulf Grahn's Three Short Pieces for String Quartet are transcriptions from works originally for piano, but seem so idiomatic for strings, with their shimmering, overlapping lines and delicate interplay, that it is hard to imagine a piano being able to make much sense of them. The musicians of the Sunrise Quartet gave it an uncommonly poised and delicate reading.
Joan Reinthaler, WASHINGTON POST

Ulf Grahn's ''Eldorado,'' a setting of a Poe poem by this Washington-based Swedish composer that was commissioned by the ensemble, caught the dreamy death-obsession of the text in a gamelan-textured instrumental context, the gamelan being evoked through piano preparations.


The Timeless Lines of Time for four Celli on Navona 5883 release September 2012
A Tale for Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Robert Ian Winstin ERM Media release Nov 2007
Vid Ales stenar for Orchestra, , Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Robert Ian Winstin ERM Media December 2009
as time passes by, Millenium Symphony, conductor Robert Ian Winstin, ERM Media January 2009
From Dusk to Dawn Karin Pawolka: Soprano, Daniel Schr�der: Clarinets, http://quadratisch-rekords.de



Flauting Landscape for eight flutes on tour in the Balkans November 2013 by Zagreb Flute Ensemble
Soundscape VI, From Dusk to Dawn, For Two under the deep blue surface, Darest thou now O soul, On the Path to Silence, Meditation, By Myself at Galerie Robert Drees Weidendamm 15 30167 Hannover September 16, 2012
From Dusk to Dawn, By Myself, Meditation, at Gluckstadt Kulturnacht, Germany September 9, 2012
Serenad for Winds, SCI Regional Conference at University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington, March 6,2010
On the Path to Silence for clarinet, R�ttvik, Sweden January 27, 2010
Primack's Safari SCI National Santa Fe, April 3, 2009 Silence behind the Veil for two percussionists, Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College, NY November 16, 2007
MY BOAT IS ON THE SHORE September 28, 2007 Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
MED ETT STENKOLSSMYCKE for womens choir, August 30, 2007 Nordic Music Days Norrk�ping, Sweden
FOR PIANO August 22, 2007 Washington DC
SHIMMERING IN THE MIST AT DUSK for three Cymbal players. April 19, 2007 Butler University
SHIMMERING IN THE MIST AT DUSK for three Cymbal players. Feb 9, 2007 Central Misouri State University

RECENT WORKS(Selected list):

Sinfonia for Orchestra (2013) duration 20 min
Concertino for two violins and String Orchestra(2013) duration 15 min
Concertino for Oboe and Orchestra (2012) duration 17 min Music for Strings (2012) duration 15 min
Sinfonie no 6 for Orchestra (2011) duration 30 min
Sinfonie no 5 for Orchestra (2009) duration 50 min
SINFONIE no 4 for Orchetra (2007) duration 40 min
SINFONIE no 3 for Orchestra (2007) duration 30 min
THE DAWN BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS for Orchestra (2006 duration ca 22 min
CONCERTO FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA (2006) duration ca 30 min
VID ALES STENAR for Orchestra (2005) duration ca 10 min
THREE SHORT PIECES for Orchestra duration ca 6 min


SERENAD FOR WINDS (2 fl, 2 ob,2 cl, 2 bsn, 2 hn) (2008) ca 10 min
SERENADE FOR BRASS (3 tpt, 3tbn, 3 hn, tuba) ( 2008) ca 10 min
THE FOREST POND For 10 players of traditional Japanese Instruments Shiobue, Shakuhachi, Katyo, Biwa, Shamisen, Koto, Kin, Kontiki, 3 Oke-Daiko, 5 Mokusyo, O-Daiko duration 11 min
THE FOREST POND For ten players fl, a-fl, violin, mandolin, guitar, harp, percussion duration 11 min


Cinq Preludes for Piano duration ca 22 min
Preludes Book 2 duration ca 20 min
THE STORY OF ARON piano and narration duration ca 10
ARON'S STORY piano duration 5
GALLERY for piano left hand ca 14
Nostalgia for piano duration 12 min


Solo for soprano saxophone duration ca 10 min
Under the deep blue surface for bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet duration ca 7 min
Soundscape VI The sillness in the Silence for 2 sopranos bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet duration ca 12 min A playful play for Bass Clarinet, 2 Percussion and Piano duration ca 10 min
UPPSA KULLE for flute and guitar duration ca 10 min
ON AN ICY MORNING for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano duration ca 6 min
DANCING LEAVES for Flute and Harpsichord duration ca 5min
STRING QUARTET no 3 duration 25
Immages from Goya for Guitar duration 15
Immages from Goya for Harpsichord duration 12
REFLECTIONS for Oboe, Bassoon, Piano duration 18
THE BLUE HORIZON for clarinet, alto saxophone, piano duration 19
CAPRICCIO for solo violin duration 5
ARON'S INTERLUDE chamber ensemble duration 10
SUMMER -61 voice, b-cl, bsn, tbn, vc, marimba duration ca 8
BALLAD no 2 Alto saxophone and piano duration 9 min
ECHOS FROM THE POND Saxophone Quartet duration 12 min
ECHOS OF CHIMES AT DAWN Recorder Quintet (SSATB) duration 15 min
RONDEAU Two Violins duration 13 min
long shadows on the beach for oboe and guitar
TRE MINIATYRER bassoon and piano duration ca 4 min
TRE MINIATYRER cello and piano duration ca 4 min
BURLESK For Four Bassoons duration ca 6 min
Meditation for four Bassoons duration ca 7 min
TRIO For viola alto saxophone and piano duration ca 15min "www.dcmusicaviva.org/recordings/recordings.htm"
TRIO For viola bassoon and piano duration ca 15 min


Dusting from the Sky for marimba duration 5 min
CELEBRATION no 2 for Marimba duration 5
THE AUTUMN SKY for Marimba and Vibraphone duration ca 10
CICADAS the sounds of summer nights four marimbas duration ca 10
CONVERSATION For Four Percussionists duration ca 8 min
DIALOG AT SUNSET For two single or non pitched instruments duration 3min
SHIMMERING IN THE MIST AT DUSK For three cymbal players duration 5 min
WHERE TO�.? Four Tom Tom players duration 14 min


SHINE text Walt Whitman for voice and piano
FOUR SONGS text Wiliam Black (BEHOLD THE HOUR, THE FLY, EARTH'S ANSWER, THE ANGEL) for voice and piano
HE WHO HATH, THY DAYS ARE DONE STANZAS FOR MUSIC three song text Lord Byron for voice and piano


Kyrie for 16-32 voices duration ca 10 min
WHERE DAISES PIED AND VIOLETES BLUE Choir SATB Txt W Shakespeare duration 5 min
VEM �R HON Choir SATB Txt H�ga visan 3:6-11 duration 9 min
CERMONIES FOR CHRISTMAS Choir SATB and Alto Recorder Txt Robert Herrick duration 2min


Gentle from Three Short Pieces for String Quartet
A Clear Midnight
A Clear Midnight for Sopran Suspendid Cymbals, played by the singer and Clarinet to a text is by Walt Whitman.
It is the second part of FROM DUSK TO DAWN for sopran and clarinets (bass, Bb, A clarinets)
Performance material
Edition Nglani 7407 Holly Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
e-mail: editionnglani@verizon.net
Concerto for Orchestra
Concerto for Orchestra also include four vocalizing solo voices (SATB)
Performance Material
Svensk Musik Box 17092, 104 62 Stockholm, Sweden fax 46 08-783 88 00
US agent Fleisher Collection of Musical Scores, Philadelphia
CICADAS sounds of summer nights
CICADAS, sounds of summer nights is a work for marimba quartet.
Please note Copyright
Score and parts
Svensk Musik Box 17092, 104 62 Stockholm, Sweden fax 46 08-783 88 00