Stephen Montalvo

Stephen Montalvo (b. 1984) is an active composer and performer of acoustic and electronic music based in New Orleans, LA. Through his music, he explores concepts related to resonance and rhythmic interplay, and draws inspiration from social and political concerns. His works have been performed throughout the United States by artists and ensembles including Carlos Cordeiro, the Talea Ensemble, the Omaha Percussion Ensemble, and numerous scholastic groups. He was the 2018 runner-up in the Southeastern Composers League’s Philip Stiles Memorial Composition Contest. Stephen is currently pursuing an MFA in Composition from Tulane University where he studies with Maxwell Dulaney and Rick Snow. Stephen is a graduate of West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX, where he received a Bachelor of Music and studied composition with Joseph Nelson and Robert Denham. Current affiliations include the Society of Composers, the Southeastern Composers League, and the Vic Firth Education Team as a Scholastic Educator and Marching Percussion Specialist.

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Interview 1
Interview 1 is the first work in a collaborative series between poet Derby Belser and composer Stephen Montalvo that highlights the stories and experiences of sexual assault survivors. The work is representative of the struggle to overcome the memories and feelings associated with traumatic events, even long after the events occurred.
Let's Say China
Let’s Say China, composed in the spring of 2018, explores the linguistic properties and aural possibilities within President Donald J. Trump’s pronunciation of the word “China.” Equal parts hilarious and horrifying, the work explores the absurdity of listening to Trump, known for his liberal interpretation of events and facts, continuously repeat the word for several minutes and attempts to distort his voice to a level matching his rhetoric.