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Joe Jaxson is currently a student at James Madison University studying under Dr. Jason Haney, Dr. Eric Guinivan, and Dr. Amanda Bono for his B.M. in Music Composition. His long aspiration is to become a Full-time Film composer.

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Roses in December (2019)
As Christmas time rolls around, one has unexpectedly taken a major loss, someone very close to them. Roses in December, written for Wind Ensemble, hopes to convey to the audience some of the emotional stages this unnamed person has greatly experienced from the exposition of the terrible and upsetting news to the calm and pleasant conclusion. The work starts off with a somber drone in the low winds, with the main theme introduced by the Bass Clarinet. This theme is passed around through a clarinet chorale and a solo with the Alto Sax. Next, comes the "Funereal" section similar to "Funeral" which acts to portray the funeral march from the service to the graveyard. This starts with a quiet pulse from the low winds, then the horns take hold of the reigns and lead the march. After that, comes the inevitable waterworks. If you did not shed a tear beforehand, you will hear. The main theme is expressed once again, but in the Trumpets and Clarinets with the full ensemble giving off feelings of sorrow...distress...grief. Then finally, the final section of the piece comes to a peaceful, but spirited resolution. "Everything is going to be okay. I may have lost someone very close to me, but what I did not lose is my will to remember them for as long as I live."