Joe Jaxson

Joe Jaxson (He/Him/His) (b.2000) from Staunton, Virginia is a student at James Madison University studying for his B.M. in Composition. He was named an honorable mention in the Young Composers Competition – JMU 37th Contemporary Music Festival at the high school division in 2017 for his brass quartet, “Tranquil, Pulse, and Drive!”. In 2018, he wind ensemble piece, “Fanfare and Celebration” was selected for recognition at the VMEA (Virginia Music Educators Association) Composition Festival during its annual conference. Joe's piece, "Fanfare and Overture for Orchestra" was recently selected by the Concerto Chamber Orchestra 2020 Call for Scores as one of it's winners for their upcoming season. in addition to composing, Joe loves to arrange for any number of ensembles. In August 2020, he arranged the instrumental to a newly released single, "Rooftop" by Georgia Saunders.


Until the Fuse Lights for Orchestra
Until the Fuse Lights (2020) is a programmatic work of a classic story of heroism and is divided into four continuous sections: Peaceful; Devastation; Reflection; Redemption. The introduction showcases the heroic themes that will come up frequently as the piece progresses. Theme 1 is played by the flute at the beginning, supported with an atmospheric texture from the strings and the like, and develops into a mysterious mood foreshadowing the terror and chaos the will ensue. Theme 2 consists of a pattern of descending major thirds, representing the antagonist once it’s chromatically altered later, first introduced in the horn under a more jovial mask making it hard to find the antagonist. The antagonist plans many attacks and terrorizes the citizens with a massive detonation device that will certainly level the area and miles around it. The ending shows the hero stopping the detonation and defeating the villain as he sees the error of his ways and accepts justice. Instrumentation: 3333+4331+Timp+4+Piano+Harp+Strings