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2018 SCI/ASCAP Student Commission Competition

The 2018 competition is over. Please check back in the late-fall or early winter for information on the 2019 competition.

Previous Winners

2018 Felipe Tovar-Henao (graduate winner), Matthew Schultheis (undergraduate winner)

2017 Peter Shin (graduate winner), Daniel Bayot (undergraduate winner)

2016 Thomas Kotcheff and Michael Seltenreich (graduate winners), Alex Berko (undergraduate winner)

2015 David Clay Mettens (graduate winner), Jaehyuck Choi (undergraduate winner)

2014 Texu Kim (graduate winner), Eric Fegan (undergraduate winner)

2013 Bin Li and Duncan Schouten

2012 Shen Yiwen and Elizabeth Nonemaker

2011 Eric Guinivan and Elliot Cless

2010 Andres Carrizo and Gilad Cohen

2009 Douglas Pew and Peiying Yuan

2008 Eric Nathan, Clint Needham, Josť-Luis Hurtado

2007 Jeremy Podgursky, Kryzysztof Wolek, and Ashley Fure

2006 Maxwell Dulaney, Carolyn O’Brien, Erin Gee, and Hermes Camacho

2005 Matt Tommasini, Eric Lindsay, Andrew Norman, and Jay Wadley

2004 Grace Choi, Douglas O'Grady, and Carl Schimmel

2003 Orianna Webb, Jeff Myers, and Dimitri Papageorgiou

2002 Jennifer Walshe, Geof Holbrook, and Mark Volker

2001 Ceiri Torjussen, Moiya Callahan, and Mei-Fang Lin

2000 Lansing McLoskey, Karim Al-Zand, and Ching-chu Hu