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2014 SCI/ASCAP Student Composition Commission

SCI, in conjunction with ASCAP. announces the fifteenth in a series of annual commissions to be awarded to two student composers. This year, one first prize will be awarded to an under-graduate or high school composer and one first prize to a graduate composer. Their music will be subsequently premiered at an SCI Conference and, if qualifying, recorded in the SCI CD Series.

Graduate Division

Undergraduate Division & High School

Application Process


For additional information or questions contact the contest coordinator, Anne Kilstofte, at sci.ascap@gmail.com

For more information on Student Chapters, please contact Nickita Demos at Georgia State University at ndemos@gsu.edu .


The first prize winner in each category will be commissioned to write a new composition to be performed at a subsequent SCI conference.

The composers may choose to have the premiere performance placed on the SCI CD if an acceptable recording is available. In all cases the direct or indirect costs of an acceptable recording for inclusion must be born by the host institution, the composers, or an outside funding source. SCI reserves the right to choose the CD on which the winning works will be produced, either on the regular SCI CD series, or a special issue.

The first place winner in the graduate division will, if found acceptable, be placed in the SCI Journal of Music Scores. SCI will endeavor to arrange the performance and recordings to the mutual satisfaction of all parties, but reserves to itself final approval of the arrangements. Nevertheless, all rights to the music will remain with the composer.

Receipt Deadline: March 1, 2014

Previous Winners

2013 Bin Li and Duncan Schouten

2012 Shen Yiwen and Elizabeth Nonemaker

2011 Eric Guinivan and Elliot Cless

2010 Andres Carrizo and Gilad Cohen

2009 Douglas Pew and Peiying Yuan

2008 Eric Nathan, Clint Needham, Josť-Luis Hurtado

2007 Jeremy Podgursky, Kryzysztof Wolek, and Ashley Fure

2006 Maxwell Dulaney, Carolyn O’Brien, Erin Gee, and Hermes Camacho

2005 Matt Tommasini, Eric Lindsay, Andrew Norman, and Jay Wadley

2004 Grace Choi, Douglas O'Grady, and Carl Schimmel

2003 Orianna Webb, Jeff Myers, and Dimitri Papageorgiou

2002 Jennifer Walshe, Geof Holbrook, and Mark Volker

2001 Ceiri Torjussen, Moiya Callahan, and Mei-Fang Lin

2000 Lansing McLoskey, Karim Al-Zand, and Ching-chu Hu