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August 4, 2014


New York, NY – The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), in collaboration with the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI), are proud to announce the winners of the 2014 SCI/ASCAP Commission Competition. After two rounds of judging by seventeen distinguished judges, Eric Fegan's White Tides and Texu Kim's Toccata Inquieta were selected from a pool of 197 submissions.

The Undergraduate category winner is Eric Fegan for his composition White Tides for String Quartet. Fegan, currently a student at Rice University, writes of his work that, "White Tides is a piece for string quartet that explores the ebb and flow of sound. It inches towards you only to be pulled back. Other times, the movement of sound comes full throttle into existence. In the end the tide falls out of place and recedes to peacefulness and calm."

The Graduate category winner is Texu Kim for his composition Toccata Inquieta for solo harpsichord and ensemble. Kim, a student from Indiana University, writes, "Toccata Inquieta (2011) for solo harpsichord and ensemble is about a night when I cannot easily fall asleep because musical scenes consistently present themselves. Tiny musical gestures come to visit me and distract my slumber with continuous, spontaneous, and simultaneous development. Intermingled with occasional concerns about current projects, future career, even the possibility of oversleeping the next day, the musical ideas keep whimsically morphing and accelerating themselves, until they become a flamboyant dance, which betrays my drowsy condition. After the carnival of musical processions burns itself into ash, sleep eventually prevails… Toccata Inquieta was premiered by Ensemble Intercontemporain with Dimitri Vassilakis (harpsichord) and Susanna Mälkki (conductor) at Cité de la Musique in Paris, France, on January 12, 2012."

The judges panel included: Ching-chu Hu, Maria Niederbergen, Mark Zuckerman, Carleton Macy, Amy Williams, Frank Felice, Amy Dunker, Mark Phillips, Julia Alford-Fowler, Eric Honor, Linda Antas, Jason Bahr, Greg Bartholomew, Scott Blasco, Scott Brickman, Robert Hutchinson, and Craig Weston.

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