Zach Daniels Recognizing the other composers at the end-of-the-year composers' recital for Drury University.

Zach earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition at Drury University, where he performed in both of the Universitiy Orchestras, two Jazz ensembles, and the Wind Symphony. Other performances included student recitals, musicals, and freelance gigging. He continued to play cello in small ensemble settings, although preferring to play Double Bass as his primary instrument of choice. Zach has also become an adept conductor in his own right, preferring to conduct his own premiers feeling that the best way to control how a new piece will be received is by being on the podium. His music is very popular with performers looking to end their capstone recitals with a bang, as he has already written for several and is currently writing more on request. Outside of the university setting, his music has been recorded in studios in Branson, MO and commissioned by such organizations as the Missouri Historical Society. As a senior composition major at Drury University, Zach was required to host a concert of his own music on campus and did so, even managing to premier three new pieces, and bringing back old favorites such as Descent to Madness, and the finale from his fifth String Quartet. His Senior Seminar project culminated in his writing a gargantuan symphony, Galaxy which was presented as a Sib7 sounds realization to astounding reception from fellow composers, friends, and University faculty. Shortly after graduating from Drury University, Zach moved to Norman, Oklahoma, where continues his studies at the University of Oklahoma School of Music, where he currently serves as the school of music's composition area graduate assistant. He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in music composition.

Zach Daniels is a highly eclectic composer of contemporary art music, and a Graduate Research Assistant in composition at the University of Oklahoma School of Music. He also runs his own creative company, Divisi Labs, which features services for music transcription, web development, music publishing, and other endeavors.


String Quartet No. 5 - Finale

String Quartet 5 is something I as a personal project that was developed from an ostinato from a piece that I wrote for a commission earlier that year for the Missouri Historical Society. The ostinato was interesting enought that my teacher at the time said I should “run with it.” Well, I ran with it and the final movement you’ll hear is definitely worth the effort! It is a tonal composition with some interesting takes on rhythm and orchestration. Particularly the lengthened chorale in the middle, as bits and pieces of the ostinato “theme” try to break out from the mold of the chorale. It represents something new trying to break free and, eventually, succeeding in the greatest way possible, by overtaking the perceived melodic content.