Zach Daniels

Zachary C. Daniels received a BA in Music, with an emphasis in Composition and Double Bass performance, from Drury University in 2014. His music explores a variety of areas, including chamber music, electroacoustic works, improvisation, and experimental music. His music is all under ASCAP rights, and published by Divisi Labs. Zach received his Masters degree in music composition from the University of Oklahoma in May of 2016, and is currently finishing his DMA in music composition.

Zach Daniels is a highly eclectic composer of contemporary art music, and a Graduate Research Assistant in composition at the University of Oklahoma School of Music. He also runs his own creative company, Divisi Labs, which features services for music transcription, web development, music publishing, and other endeavors.


String Quartet No. 5 - Finale
String Quartet 5 is something I as a personal project that was developed from an ostinato from a piece that I wrote for a commission earlier that year for the Missouri Historical Society. The ostinato was interesting enought that my teacher at the time said I should “run with it.” Well, I ran with it and the final movement you’ll hear is definitely worth the effort! It is a tonal composition with some interesting takes on rhythm and orchestration. Particularly the lengthened chorale in the middle, as bits and pieces of the ostinato “theme” try to break out from the mold of the chorale. It represents something new trying to break free and, eventually, succeeding in the greatest way possible, by overtaking the perceived melodic content.
The Tinkerer The Tinkerer was inspired by gnomish engineers, or ‘Tinkers’ from works of fiction. Imagine a workshop, with moving parts integrated into nearly every available object, and amidst the mechanical clatter of this space, we find our tinkerer at a work-table. This tinkerer, as he diligently works to finish his latest invention becomes lost, almost in a daydream-like state amidst the idea of this invention coming to life at last. Throughout this piece, you will hear a constant pulse that represents the mechanical nature of the tinker’s workspace. You will also hear minor distractions that attempt to deter our tinker’s mind. After all, distractions are the hardest thing for any creative individual, to fight when finishing a project.