Zach Zubow

Zach Zubow is an Assistant Professor and Director of Music at Queens University of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. Zach has recently received a grant from the Jerome Foundation for a collaborative work with artist, Emily Lynch Victory, for a solo work for piano utilizing base counting and modular synthesis. Zach and Emily also received an award from ArtPrize 2016 for an installation project featuring similar compositional techniques used in three interactive electroacoustic pieces using Raspberry Pi computers and PIR motion sensors. Zach will present his piece, The Raven, at the upcoming 2017 Macro Analysis Conference in Madison, WI as the winner of their composition competition. In addition to composing, Zach teaches composition and music theory at Queens. He also serves as the North Carolina Music Teachers Association Music Theory and Composition Chair. Zach received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 2012, studying with David Gompper and Lawrence Fritts.