The Society of Composers, Inc. Student Chapter at The University of Iowa

Student composers with Dr. Christopher Jette. September, 2015.

Executive Officers:

Christine Burke, Jonah Elrod, Alexandros Spyrou, Jonathan Wilson

Sponsor: David Gompper

Recent and upcoming events:

SPRING 2016:

Annual SCI Call for Scores Concert: February 28, 7:30, Riverside Recital Hall

Composers' Workshop Concert: April 3, 7:30, Riverside Recital Hall

EMCC Festival: April 8-9, Boulder, CO.

Laptop Orchestra Concert: April 23, 7:30, Riverside Recital Hall

Electronic Music Studios Concert: May 7, 7:30, Becker Communication Studies Building

Composers' Workshop Concert: May 8, 7:30, Riverside Recital Hall

FALL 2016:

24 + 24 Hour Concert: September 4, 7:30, Opera Workshop Room

Composers' Workshop Concert: October 23, 7:30, Recital Hall

Midwest Composers Symposium: November 4-5, Iowa City, IA.

SPRING 2017:

Composers' Workshop Concert: March 26, 7:30, Concert Hall

Composer's Workshop Concert: April 30, 7:30, Concert Hall