Troy Lennerd : Composer, Performer and Instructor

Thank you for visting the SCI website of Troy Lennerd. I invite you to explore the site to see what I offer and to see some of the work that I have completed to date. Please vist my personal website at: Contat:

Troy Lennerd holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Composition from the University of Utah. His composition teacher included: Stan Funicelli, Tully Cathy, Henry Wolking, Tracy Peterson and Steve Roens He has attended master classes with Samuel Adler, Martin Boykan, Roy Harbison and Harvey Sollberger. His compositions have received honors and awards from the American Music Center, ASCAP, The Composers Guild Completion (1st place in two categories) and the Marget Jory Fairbanks Copyright Assistance Grant. Troy’s works have been featured in the United States, Europe and China with a recent performance of his solo cello work by Victoria Bass. He has been commissioned by: Rosa Vissers of the Modern Dance Department of the University of Utah, Great River Books and the Kanzeon Zen Center International. Troy is a member of ASCAP, The Society of Composers (SCI) and The American Music Center. He has been an active Composer, music instructor and performer for some 20 years; his main instrument is the Guitar. In addition to his musical pursuits he is also an ordained Zen practitioner at the Kanzeon Zen Center International, his principal teacher there is Genpo Merzel Roshi.