Trenton Rhodes

I am a student composer. I've been composing music seriously for around 2 years. I've written for various different settings including simple little trumpet duets, easy concert band works, concertos, tone poems, and even wrote a piece for a trumpet ensemble and another for 7 different players. I really like the darker sounds in music: the slow, ominous, and dark tone colors in the various ensembles. I love writing music that sounds very dark and sad at times, and because of that my music tends to be inspired from darker subjects like death. This doesn't mean that I'm dark on the inside; I'm merely experimenting with these darker sounds and releasing those experiments to the world. I hope you enjoy my music.

When the MakeMusic Young Composers Contest was held in 2017, I was one of the finalists. I've also entered into some other competitions, like the National Youngarts Foundation, the National Band Association's Alfred Young Band Competition as well as some other competitions. I am also an Arkansas All-State trumpeter and jazz pianist.


Piano Sonata No. 2: 1 - Vivace
One of my favorite composers is Ludwig Van Beethoven. Of my favorite works of his include his "Waldstein" Sonata and his "Moonlight" Sonata. You'll definitely hear his influence on me in this work, as it's very stormy at times. But I also enjoy the fact that in some parts it is calm.
Something I love in music is the darker tone colors. I love the feeling of darkness in my music, and this work really shows that. It's not in any particular form, so as to describe the ways different people react to the same thing. If you like dark music, you'll like this piece.
This was written to signify an argument between a quiet voice and a very powerful voice. It starts simply, then gradually builds in intensity until the two voices eventually come to a consensus. I hope you enjoy my work for Clarinet and Piano - Voice.