Tim Chatwood (ASCAP) is an American composer and percussionist from in Reno, Nevada. He received his Masterís in Music Composition from the University of Nevada, Reno. Tim has studied composition under Dr. James Winn, Dr. Jean-Paul Perrotte, Dr. Stephen Blumberg and recording arts under Tom Gordon. His works have been performed at such events as the Central Michigan University New Music Ensemble Concerts, University of Nevada, Reno Contemporary Music Ensemble Concerts, SCI Region Conferences, NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival, and at Electronic Music Midwest. He is also an intern at Imirage Sound Lab Recording Studio in Sparks, Nevada. Tim continues to compose new works in his studio and is proudly endorsed by Innovative Percussion Sticks/Mallets.



West for Pierrot and Percussion explores the Lewis and Clark expedition. The piece opens with them first seeing the Pacific Ocean and the Western US. The sound of the ocean is simulated with an ocean drum and extended wind techniques. A moving line between the instruments gives the feeling of moving on a journey. The expedition was a key factor in the future settling of the west. Sometimes one must journey out into the unknown to see what is out there.

Coming Home

Truckee Under Siege

Brick!!! for Bass Trombone and Effects

Brick!!! for Bass Trombone and Effects By Tim Chatwood Performed By Michael Smith http://vimeo.com/113438287