Freezing Winds

Freezing Winds is a piece for the Ibo, a fiberglass derivative of the traditional Nigerian clay drum, the Udu. A stark contrast between these two instruments is the material they are made from as well as the presence of water found only in the Ibo. The piece employs many traditional performance techniques, as well as some additional extended techniques. Freezing Winds is an expression of the strong, unforgiving winds I felt when I visited Norway.


Tetrachromat is a piece for guitar ensemble that is a representation of the tetrachromacy condition. A person with tetrachromacy perceives color schemes as four dimensional and can see up to 100 million different colors, which is 100 times the amount a person without tetrachromacy can perceive. Tetrachromat explores this perception through the world of sound and uses many extended techniques to portray different color schemes. It is also expressed by my synesthetic interpretation of music and color.