Taken at Florida Gulf Coast University during an orchestral reading

I am an aspiring composer (b. 1993) currently studying at Florida Gulf Coast University with Dr. Jason Bahr. I intend to pursue a master's degree in Music Composition once I have completed my undergraduate studies. I have written several short pieces (5 minutes or less) for a variety of instruments and ensembles, including Worry and Wonder (solo piano), Inevitable Duel to the Death (2 Violins and piano), The Blue Woods (Flute, Viola, and Harp), and Arcana I. Capital City (symphony orchestra). All of my programmatic works are based on my own original stories which I will eventually write and publish.


Inevitable Duel to the Death

PDF score

Short piece for 2 violins and piano Composed for the 2014 24-Hour Festival at Florida Gulf Coast University This is a programmatic piece in which a young mage (Vespeni) seeks freedom from the oppression he has been forced to endure. However, before he can achieve this goal, he must face his twin sister (Leginez) who is acting on orders to kill him. Despite Vespeni's best efforts, she will not be moved from her mission. They engage in a duel, knowing that at least one of them will die. The piece begins with a conversation between the twins as Vespeni attempts to avoid bloodshed. Inevitably, the duel begins with musical elements depicting the magical attacks being exchanged, ultimately leading to the death of Leginez. The end of the piece captures Vespeni mourning after his victory.