Sean Mallow is a composer, orchestrator, and part-time bassoonist and saxophonist from Durango, Colorado. Sean received his Bachelors of Arts in Music Business from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and a Masters of Music Degree in Composition from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. He has studied composition academically with Jeff Solon, Dr. Michael Murray, and Dr. John Prescott.



The Journey for Percussion Ensemble

PDF score

Commissioned by Dr. Jonathan Latta for the Fort Lewis College Percussion Ensemble. First performed in December of 2013 by the FLC Percussion Ensemble and featured on their studio album "Blazing Trails."

Kingdom Come (Demo Track)

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Written for Piano Trio (Violin, Viola, and Piano), Kingdom Come is an Overture for the DC comic by the same name.

Fuga Fragmentica (Quirky English Countryside)

This piece was written for the Missouri State University 72 hour composition competition and placed first. It was written for horn, viola, and organ and first performed in March of 2015. The competition outlined the required length and instrumentation, and composing with those limitations was a challenge, but incredibly fun.