Senior Recital photos taken by Madelyn Hall Photography - Harper Cemetery - Harper's Ferry, WV.

Samuel Bower is a student composer and guitarist from Western Maryland. Throughout his career, he has always had a passion for heavy metal music and choral music. As an alumnus of the Frederick Children's Chorus, Sam continues to serve his community by serving as assistant conductor for the Frederick Children's Chorus Summer Programs. Raised by two music educators, the field of music has surrounded him since birth.

Sam composes for a multitude of choral and instrumental facets and will be debuting four of his most recent serious works at his senior recital at Shepherd University on March 25th, 2018. Sam's father, Edgar J. Bower, will be debuting his Sonata I for Piano, entitled, 'Collective Abyss'. Composing both programmatic and absolute music, Sam's recital will display a wide variety of colors, textures, and tonalities. The performance will conclude with Sam debuting his original piece for solo electric guitar, entitled, 'Emerald Enigma'. The show is open to the public and free of charge and will take place at 5:00 3/25/18 at the Shepherd University Frank Arts Center - MRH Rehearsal Hall - Reception to follow.

Throughout his life, Sam has always planned to pursue a career in music education, music composition, and performance. He studied piano for 10 years under his accomplished parents and began studying music theory at age 12. Sam has also been playing electric guitar since age 12 and has studied under Maurice Arenas, Tim Underkoffler, and Eli Santana (Holy Grail). Sam dreams to compose and play guitar in a progressive rock band while supporting himself through private studio lessons, part-time public school teaching, and composing and arranging. To contact Sam, add him on Facebook, follow on Instagram (sam66bower), or call! (301)-524-8823.


Collective Abyss - Trenches (Movement II)

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Composed during the summer of 2017, I found that it was easier for me to formulate musical material and gestures when I was mentally influenced by extra-musical concepts. The notion of using programmatic ideas to stimulate musical output seemed almost too prosaic to me at the time. So I chose to draw inspiration from a much broader and vague concept than my previous material: the mysterious trenches of the deep sea. The cognitive associations of the unknown seemed to be embodied in this idea of deeper, uncharted territory. Immediately, I began to formulate ideas regarding the tonal direction of the piece, various motivic content, and even formal design ideas. The initial idea for the piece magnified tremendously until I realized I was going to be composing a multi-movement sonata for piano. The organization of each movement became representative of human knowledge of the ocean depths, with each successive movement sinking deeper and deeper into the unknown trenches of the sea floor. The imagination begins to take over as the music transports you to a dark, cold place where even the bravest of divers donít dare venture.