Owen is currently a fourth year student at Otterbein University studying music composition and theory. His music focuses on the interaction between humans and a modern computer based society. He is passionate about taking music out of the concert hall and presenting it in unique public spaces. His work encompasses sound, media, acoustics, and digital technology and draws inspiration from topics in science, the environment, and literature. Most recently his music takes form in installations and pieces involving acoustic instruments and computer systems. His work has been performed at the West Fork New Music Festival, The Navy Band International Saxophone Symposium in 2017 and 2018, and the SCI student snapshot conference held at Otterbein. He currently studies composition and computer music with Dr. Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz. Past teachers include Dr. Jack Jenny and Dr. Charlie Wilmoth as well as currently studying guitar under Karl Wohlwend.

If you have any questions about me or my music here is how to reach me! Email: owen.hopper@otterbein.edu

Owen was a recipient of Otterbein University's Undergraduate Research and Creative Work Summer Stipend for 2017. During the Summer he will be doing research and constructing a multimedia sound instillation that explores the relationships between sound and architecture.


"Up Down Down Left" for Wind Instrument and Live Processing

PDF score

"Up Down Down Left" was written in the fall of 2017 for my senior recital. The piece explores a structured improvisational environment between a wind instrument and a laptop performer controlling a series of processing systems in Max using an Xbox controller. The piece draws its inspiration from the streams of digitized sound in our modern society. These streams of cacophonous noise are always present around us and have changed the way people interact with the world and each other. The piece looks to draw attention to the duality of our relationship with technology. On the one hand technology has helped our society and new ideas are now possible because of it but we also continue to have more and more health and social issues the more we allow these streams to permeate our lives.

"Navigation Bell" for Fixed Media

"Navigation Bell" was composed from three field recordings taken of an old ship bell in the maritime museum near Empire, Michigan in the summer of 2017.

"Semantic Nonsense" for Flute and Live Processing

PDF score

"Semantic Nonsense" was written in the fall of 2016 for poet, writer, and flutist Kristin Gustafson. The name comes from the quirk found in the english language of the same name. It describes sentences that are grammatically and logically correct but still have no obvious meaning. I tried to reflect this in the music. For example, Noam Chomsky wrote in 1955 “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.” So, I conceived of some musical ideas that also follow this idea and although in most cases structurally correct and logical there still lacks an obvious meaning. This piece is for Flute and live processing through Max/msp

"Ghosts" for Piano and Fixed Media

PDF score

"Ghosts" was one of the first pieces I composed in college back in 2014. It was part of a larger project working with a senior advanced poetry class. I worked with the poet to set her words to music. I was pleased with what came out. This piece was premiered at the student composition recital at Otterbein University in 2014 and was played recently at the West Fork Music Festival.