Autistic composer- yes we exist!

As a person with autism, I often find that I can express more emotion through music than with words. As a child, I spent my waking hours composing music. In fact, I could compose before I could read! Not surprising, I studied music theory and composition in university, amongst many other subjects. My style is traditional and I compose works with small chamber and orchestral groups in mind. I also provide arranging services for all types of music and groups. M.A. Economics, B.Sc. Economics, B.A. History, Minors: Latin, Classical Studies, Ancient & Medieval Studies, Music Theory & Composition I, II, III, & IV, Sight Singing & Ear Training I & II, Orchestration I, Counterpoint , Digital Music Notation - Finale, Digital Music Production - Logic Pro X, Audio Mixing Techniques, Audio Mastering Techniques, Applied Instrument - Piano, Applied Instrument - Voice, Applied Instrument - Violin, Applied Instrument - Viola, Applied Instrument - Cello, Applied Instrument - Flute, Applied Instrument - Clarinet, Ensemble - Choir, Ensemble - Strings, Music Licensing, Music Cognition, Oklahoma State University, University of Waterloo, Berklee College of Music

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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” Victor Hugo


The Heart of Darkness

String quintet.


Short piece for full orchestra or sinfonia.

The Song of Strength and Sorrow

String quartet.


Short piece for full orchestra or sinfonia.