Nick Hwang

Nick is currently teaching at Univeristy of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
His current interests are creation of new music interfaces and musical opportunities in modern game engines.
Nick earned his PhD in Compositional and Experimental Music & Digital Media at the Louisiana State University. Nick holds a Masters degree in Music Composition from Louisiana State University and B.A. in Theory and Composition from the University of Florida.

==Creative Output==

Nick has written music for large and small ensembles, including large orchestra, choir/voice, solo and chamber groups and combinations of electroacoustic music. He has written and arranged music for theatre and musical theatre. Recent performances and presentations include North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA); Prospectives Festival in Reno, Nevada; National Student Electronic Music Event; Festival of Contemporary Music in Baton Rouge; the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in New York; the International Society of Improvised Music Conference (ISIM) in Ann Arbor, Michigan; the Society of ElectroAcoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) in Miami, Florida; New Instruments of Musical Expression (NIME) in Ann Arbor, Michigan; ISEA in Albuquerque, New Mexico, TEDxLSU in Baton Rouge; and Fulbright Science and Technology Conference in New Orleans.
== Research ==

His research interests include live electronic/acoustic instrument performances, laptop ensembles, physical/gestural musical controls, and interactive musical systems. His on-going research projects include musical control involving touch surfaces, networked musical communication, laptop orchestra development, and programming for sound diffusion in loudspeaker orchestras.
Nick’s current dissertation research involves orchestral works involving electronic instruments, the creation of an embedded electronically driven acoustic instrument, and a concerto for the instrument.
Nick is particularly interested in collaborating with other artists and scholars. His collaborative work has been in performance and programming with The Three Computeers, [Sound | Mediation], and Tom LaPann (INTUIT). He has recently a work for Movement Theatre performance in Edinburgh, Scotland for the Fringe Festival, interactive art installations, and sound design and engineering for theatre.

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String Quartet #1, Mvt 3 - Fantasy

PDF score

The Dark

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A late drive and the Dark is so thick.
I twist my hair and imagine-
The scent of water on my head,
Rain sound of water over me.
I imagine sleep as I drive.
Ready with my keys, the shadows all around hide Him.
I feel my lungs explode, screaming.
I tremble. I am frozen stone.
Young, with this gun, he blends into the night.
He's reaching towards me.
I step away, and imagine-
My hair in his fist, my teeth along the ground, my blood. I try to scream again, but he stops me.
I try to stand, to bite, to kick but he stops me.
I imagine dying.
I imagine living at this in between place with a gun to my neck!
I feel the ground then nothing.
I would run for forever, if ever if I could stand. A future now that's unreal!
He whispers, 'Quiet calm down.'
I close my eyes, and enter the Dark.

In the original text and adaptation, the author alternates between violent reality and numbing imagination. I felt the turning point in the text is when the unavoidable reality overcomes any escapist fantasy, and the two states of mind combine. This piece was an attempt make an adequately emotional setting to an experience of a personal friend.

Dracones Nursery for Alto Sax and Computer

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