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Natalie Williams is an Australian-born composer and an American permanent resident; currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in Music Theory and Composition at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia. Her works have been commissioned and performed by international ensembles, including the Omaha Symphony, the Atlanta Opera, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the Plathner’s Eleven Chamber Ensemble (Germany), the Australian Youth Orchestra, the Sydney Youth Orchestra, the Indiana University Chamber Orchestra, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Song Company, the Zephyr String Quartet, Adelaide Youth Orchestra, the Cameo Trio, Melbourne University Orchestra, Elder Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra, Fiorini Trio (UK), and the Brenton Langbein String Quartet. Teaching positions include; the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, the Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of Georgia and the Faculty of Music at the University of Melbourne, with expertise in composition, theory and analysis, counterpoint, orchestration, style analysis, music history and literature. Natalie completed her Doctorate in Composition at the Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music as a four-year doctoral fellow. Natalie also holds a Master of Music in Composition from the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Music with first class Honours from the University of Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium, and an Associate Diploma in Viola Performance. Further academic training was completed with the UK Society for Music Analysis at Durham University in 2010 and studies at the Ecole Normale de Musique (Paris) summer school in July 2007, with the European American Musical Alliance. Natalie also serves as the current Student Chapters Coordinator of the SCI.


Aqua Doubles (from "Five Bagatelles for Solo Piano") 2011

Five Bagatelles for Solo Piano were written as short reflections on scenes remembered from Australia. Each movement portrays a memory from the natural landscape that I observed in various parts of the country. Aqua Doubles is a portrayal of two small river trout in the Atherton Tablelands in the Queensland rainforest region. While swimming in the clear water we were accompanied by two curious fish, who delighted in swimming very close to us but remained consistently just out of reach. I have portrayed this musically by a call-and-response (echo) effect; one hand of the piano mimics the other, just as the two fish hovered near us, in tandem, through the water.

Fourth Alarm (overture for large Orchestra) 2003

Fourth Alarm is an Overture for orchestra, commissioned by Ars Musica Australis for the Sydney Youth Orchestra’s 2003 concert series. The music in this piece synthesizes two elements; a short military tune and my response and depiction of the musical interpretation of a Fourth Alarm. I took my initial inspiration from orchestral works which focussed upon aspects of fire such as Australian composer Nigel Butterley’s Fire in the Heavens, Stravinsky’s Firebird and Fireworks, and also popular overtures from the orchestral repertoire by Smetana, Walton and Shostakovich. Commissioned as an overture, Fourth Alarm takes part of its form and materials from this traditional style; a quick pace and constant rhythmic attack coupled with surges and swells of sound developing to a dramatic climax. This piece retains a constant meter throughout, increasing in speed to emphasise a feeling of acceleration, expectation and enormity.

Parity (from "Particle Tracks" for String Quartet) 2000