Moni Jasmine Guo Composer, Arranger, Pianist

Bio: Composer/pianist Moni (Jasmine) Guo, born in China, has studied music since she was three. After her piano and composition studies at Interlochen Arts Academy, The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, and Rice University, she is currently a Ph.D. candidate at UCLA studying composition under Richard Danielpour, Peter Golub and Kay Rhie. Her previous composition teachers include Samuel Adler, Shih-hui Chen, Jason Eckardt, Michael Hersch, Pierre Jalbert, Amy Kirsten, and Cynthia Van Mannen. She has also had various masterclasses with great composers such as Steven Stucky, Shulamit Ran, George Lewis, and Christopher Rouse. Her pieces have been read/performed by renowned soloists such as Miranda Cuckson, Courtney Orlando, Michael Kannen, Jihye Chang, Kyung Wha Chu, and Stefano Greco; ensembles such as IIIZ+, Deviant Septet, Texas New Music Ensemble, and Winsor Music. Furthermore, her orchestra piece, Night Ghost, was performed by The Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra. Jasmine is now a member of The Pi Kappa Lambda Society, ASCAP and AWFC. Over the years, she has received a number of awards and fellowships, including being the winner of the TNME student composition competition in 2018 and 2nd place in the American Prize competition in 2020. Her chamber piece Fallen Skin, Flying Wings has also been chosen to be performed at the Hear Now Festival in Los Angeles. Her music has been performed in the US, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Italy. Currently focusing her study on scoring for visual media arts, Jasmine has scored over twenty short films. Many of those films have appeared at film festivals across the world.

List of Composition Compositions with performance in public are indicated with * Compositions currently working on are indicated with ^ Large Ensemble Rays of the After-rain Evening Sun 晚晴, for full orchestra (2020) ​ No One's Vanda, No One's Pearl, for full orchestra (2019) ​ *Fairyland 精灵岛, for full orchestra (2018) *Night Ghost 夜魅, for full orchestra (2018) *Sommer Street, for full orchestra (2015) String Orchestra No. 1 (2014) Fugue for string orchestra (2013) *Mocnus for full orchestra (2012) *IFM for brass ensemble (2012) Wild New World for full orchestra (2012) ​ Chamber ​ even the darkest night will end for Horn and Cello (2021) Joie de vivre for String Quartet (2020) down into emptiness for String Quartet (2020) Drifting Along the Crystals of the Sky for Flute, Bb Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano (2020) The Child In the Cloud 云中之子 for Violin and Piano (2020) ​Whispers of the World for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Basson, Horn, Percussion, Harp, Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass (2019) ​ *Fallen Skin, Flying Wings for Clarinet, Violin and Cello (2018) *Fire Dance 火舞 for String Quartet and Classical Guitar (2018) Sequoiadendron giganteum for Flute (db picc.), Oboe, Bb Clarinet (db. Bass Cl.), Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Double Bass (2017) *Impression of an Ancient City 古城印象 for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Cello, Percussion and Piano (2017) *Living Spirit 生靈 for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano (2017) *Fissure (The Crack V.2) for Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin and Double Bass (2017) *The Crack for Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin and Double Bass (2016) *Luan Shi Chuan Kong 亂石穿空 for IIIZ+ ensmble (Gayageum, Koto, Janggu and Zheng) (2016) *Why So Serious? for Voice, Piano, Percussion, Violin, Cello, Horn, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet (2016) *Ju Shou (Huge Hand) Pianist for piano four-hand (2015) *Variation on Brahms Op.10/1, for Oboe, Horn, and Cello (2015) String Trio No. 1 (2013) *Fémopt for piano trio (2013) *Ending Time for Violin, Viola, and two Cello (2012) Solo *Prelude and Fugue for solo piano (2020)​ ​ *Time Cycle 光阴轮:仰天承运 15 pieces for solo piano (2019) Deux Faces 双面 for solo Clarinet (2019) ​ *Blue Blood Moon 青血月 for solo Bassoon (2019) ​ *Rising from Ashes 凤凰涅槃 for solo piano (2018) ​ Radiance for solo trumpet (2018) ​ *Yun-Bai 韵白 Viola Suite (2017) *Serie 5--Light City for solo piano(2017) *Hiding from Scadinp for solo piano (2016) *Feng 风*疯 for solo flute (2016) *Cello Suite No. 1 (2015) *Three Piano Pieces (2014) Five Pieces for solo violin (2014) *Toy Fantasy: color étude for organ (2014) Saki for solo piano (2013) Five Twelve-Tone Pieces for solo piano (2012) Voice​ ^WuXing 五行 for string quartet and Soprano (2020) GengLouZi 更漏子 for Mezzo Soprano, Flute and Piano (2020) *The Road of Adversity 拟行路难, Three Pieces for Soprano and Piano (2015) Electronic/Computer Music ​*Always Phone for Max MSP, piano, iPhone (2017) *Study I (2016) *Escape for pre-recorded electronics (2013)

Film ​ • Chasing Clouds (2021) [Short Film] | Directed by Candace Ho | Composer ​ • *Ta de kun huo (2021) [Short Animation Film] | Directed by Chunting Wang | Composer ​ • Second Chance (2021) [Short Film] | Directed by Dasha Tsema | Composer ​ • Createure (2021) [Short Animation Film] | Directed by Ceci Sheng | Composer ​ • Foreign Uncle (2020) [Short Film] | Directed by SiNing Xiang | Composer ​ • Shu (2020) [Short Film] | Directed by Hailong Niu | Composer ​ • Like Us (2020) [Short Film] | Directed by Mikhail Saburov | Composer ​ • Broken (2020) [Short Documentary Film] | Directed by Antonia Thornton | Composer ​ • *Pollock with Shapes (2020) [Short Film] | Directed by Junyi Jackie Fang | Composer ​ • *Ted (2020) [Short Documentary Film] | Directed by Zixin Cindy Zhang | Composer ​ • *A History of Running Aground (2019) [Short Documentary Film] | Directed by Jake O'Hare | Composer ​ • *Alone (2019) [Short Film] | Directed by Dasha Tsema | Composer ​ • ^First Time (2019) [Short Film] | Directed by Marie Richardson | Composer ​ • *The Lucky One (2019) [Short Film] | Directed by Yichi Zhang | Composer ​ • *Transplant (2019) [Short Documentary Film] | Directed by Zheyu Liang | Composer ​ • *Binary Thinking (2019) [Short Documentary Film] | Directed by Peter Berger | Composer ​ • *Red (2019) [Short Film] | Directed by Candace Ho | Composer ​ • *In the Woods (2019) [Short Animation Film] | Directed by Yuanqi Cici Liao | Composer ​ • *Boxed In (2018) [Short Documentary Film] | Directed by Zixin Cindy Zhang | Composer ​ • Wood Girl (2018) [Short Film] | Directed by Shiying Claire Li | Composer ​ • *Bloody Glove Box (2017) [Short Film] | Directed by Zixin Cindy Zhang | Co-Composer ​ • *My Boy's Caesar Salad (2014) [Short Film] | Directed by Tony Lee | Composer ​ Improvisation/Performance *Improvisation with pre-recorded electronics for original film “Night Sight” (2017)


Night Ghost