SCI Student Chapter at Missouri State University

2022 Fall Student Composers' Concert
Oct. 26, 2022, 7:30 C Minor Recital Hall
Featuring duos and trios by Bray Thompson, Sarah H. Miller, Zach Beaty, Erich Eastman, and Zane Price

The annual Composition Festival brings internationally acclaimed composers to the campus of Missouri State University to inspire, teach, and interact with students from across the Music Department and the larger campus community. These interactions include concerts and rehearsals of the guest composer's works by department ensembles, students, faculty, and guest performers; performances of student and faculty compositions; presentations to classes and to the general public; one-on-one lessons with composition majors; and master classes with small groups of students.

Recent Guest Composers of the Festival:
2019 - Stephen Gryc
2018 - Andrew List, Mike McFerron, and Mark Richardson
2017 - Jennifer Bellor and Lansing D. McLoskey
2016 - Derek M. Jenkins and Rain Worthington
2015 - Ingrid Stölzel and Robert Honstein
2014 - Michael Daugherty
2013 - Hanna Kulenty
2012 - Darcy James Argue
2011 - Cindy McTee
2010 - Carter Pann
2009 - Robert Mueller
2008 - David Gillingham
2007 - David Amram
2006 - Richard Einhorn and Anthony Plog
2005 - Hubert Bird
2004 - Mark Camphouse
2003 - Gwyneth Walker
2002 - Joan Tower