Dr. Harder teaches Music Technology, Electronic Music, Recording, and Composition at West Liberty University in West Virginia.

Education: Northwestern, Bowling Green, Illinois Wesleyan.

Recent performances:

  • West Fork New Music Festival, Sept 25-26, 2015: Drum Corpse, In Metal, Control Change
  • Root Signals Electronic Music Festival, Sept 11, 2015: Power
  • New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, July 2015: In Metal
  • Illinois Wesleyan New Music Cafe, March 2015: Fragile Space
  • Bowling Green State University New Music Festival, October 2014: Power



For gyil and fixed media from 2014. The gyil is a xylophone from Ghana. This piece was commissioned by Mike Vercelli, Director of World Music at West Virginia University and a researcher of Ghanaian music. The title of the piece is derived from a nickname given to Dr. Vercelli while we were in Ghana with a group from Bowling Green State University in 1998. The people of the village started calling him "Power Mike" due to his long mane of bright red hair. The piece is an exploration of the intersection of music and dance as they exist in American and African societies both modern and traditional. Music and dance are significant sources of power in any society. The piece combines traditional gyil performance styles with modern "EDM" sounds and gestures.

Fragile Space

Commissioned in 2014 by Illinois Wesleyan University's School of Music in celebration of their 150th anniversary. Fragile Space is written for a standard piano quintet and is a response to Schubert's "Trout" quintet (as stipulated by the commission). The title refers to the fragile nature of the ecosystem in which trout can live. Trout are known as an "indicator" species because their presence represents the health of their surrounding environment. I therefore wanted the instruments to portray this fragility via string harmonics, arpeggiations, and other delicate techniques.

In Metal

Fixed media from 2015. Two versions: 2-channel and 8-channel. The title of the piece provides listeners with everything they need to know.


"Tape" piece from 2003. Created using signal generators in DAW software and virtual "classic" tape techniques.