L (no dot) PETER DEUTSCH lives in Sonoma County, California. An experienced singer, he currently performs with the Sonoma Bach Chorus and Circa 1600. His compositions range in idiom from Renaissance to post-tonal, using a large harmonic palette centered around modal scales: he enjoys creating "new wine in old bottles," using older forms as containers for modern material. Performed works include three choral commissions in 2008-2012, "Departure" for string quartet in 2011, "Journey's End" for clarinet and piano in 2011 and 2013, and a variety of other chamber and vocal pieces. His published work is distributed on the Internet at http://www.jwpepper.com/myscore/lpd .


No Man is an Island

This a cappella choral work is designed for both SSAA and TTBB arrangements. It sets a very slightly modernized version of John Donne's famous Reflection.