Kristian S. Rodriguez

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Kristian Silviano Rodriguez (b. 1994) is a Texas native who has been interested in composition since he was 12. Having studied a variety of instruments, including voice, clarinet, violin, and piano, Kristian's interests in genres are wide ranging, including art songs, choral works, chamber instrumental works, as well as large ensemble works. Kristian's works have been performed and recorded by a variety of ensembles, including the St. Martin’s Ev. Lutheran Church Choir in Austin, TX, the Texas State Chorale and the Texas State Wind Symphony in San Marcos, TX, and the world-renowned Aeolus Quartet. Kristian Rodriguez recently graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor's degree in music. Kristian studied composition with Michael Ippolito and Richard Hall while at Texas State University. In addition to composing, Kristian served as a member of the Texas State Chorale, the premiere vocal ensemble of the university. Kristian is also a freelance vocalist, as well as a mariachi vocalist and violinist, having performed in various choral and mariachi events throughout their career. Currently, Kristian is working towards a master's degree in music composition at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, where Kristian has worked with composers Rodney Rogers and Kotoka Suzuki. Recent activities include Kristian's attendance of the 2018 Choral Chameleon Summer Institute for choral composers and conductors in Brooklyn, NY.


Night Song
Choral piece for soloists and SATB divisi a capella. Libretto by Marco Pina. Part of an upcoming choral song cycle that will comprise my master's thesis project. Premiered by Choral Chameleon in Brooklyn, NY in June 2018, under the direction of Vince Peterson.
String Quartet No. 2 - "Nuestro señor el desollado"
String quartet in four, continuous, miniature movements. Based on the painting Nuestro Señor el Desollado by Paul Pletka. Premiered by an ASU string quartet at the Phoenix Art Museum in April 2018.