Keith Allan Kramer

Keith Allan Kramer, composer, conductor, recording engineer and guitarist, currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. His compositions are performed frequently throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. He has studied composition with Thomas DeLio, John Van der Slice and Stuart Saunders Smith. Keith received his D.M.A. in composition from the University of Miami and his M.Mus. in composition from the University of Maryland, College Park. Keith was the President of the Baltimore Composers Forum from 2008-2010, an organization that promotes new music through innovative and cutting edge programming, and currently serves on the board of directors.

Keith Kramer's music is at times subtle and restrained, and other times ferocious and demanding. Always searching for new modes of expression, each piece that Keith composes represents another facet of a continuous journey of discovery. Keith's music has been performed and recorded by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kirk Trevor, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vit Micka, University of Miami Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Stockton, David Taylor, Gottfried Stoger, David LaVorgna, Jessica Hanel Satava, Joseph Satava, Azimuth Quartet, Mariner String Quartet, Pictures on Silence, The Capitol Hill Chamber Players, Jade Strings, Sonora Ensemble, Alan Ngim, George Weremchuk, Hye-Jung Hong, Jeremiah Baker, Megan Ihnen, Andrew Stewart and Maiko Suzuki. Keith has collaborated with choreographers Lynne Price, Sonia Synkowski and Lauren Withhart, as well as visual artist Fred Merrill. Recent performances of his work included highly successful all-Kramer programs in New York's Merkin Hall in 2006 and 2010.

Keith's latest release is the exciting new double CD set on the Navona label entitled Emerge, featuring over two hours of never-before released music and enhanced content featuring complete scores, concert footage and biographies of the performers featured in the recordings. The title track of Emerge is a twenty-minute orchestral work that is also heard on the Navona release Mementos. It is available at many fine music distributors including Amazon, Arkiv Music, CD Universe and ITunes. Excerpts of all the tracks can be heard by clicking on the Sounds link above. The title track of Emerge is a twenty-minute orchestral work that is also heard on the Navona release Mementos. Keith's first CD release, Causal Dualism, includes the works Duality for soprano saxophone, bass trombone and string quartet, and Causality for string orchestra, piano and percussion. Mementos is available through the Navona Records website, Amazon and iTunes and Causal Dualism can be purchased through Amazon and iTunes.

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Portrait of Keith Kramer by Jonathan Tadiello of The Image Standard



David LaVorgna, flute
Joseph Satava. piano
Recorded at Peabody Recording Studios in Baltimore, Maryland on May 7th, 2010
Ian Lowther, recording engineer
Keith Kramer, mixing engineer
John Guth, final mastering engineer

Emerge (Symphony No. 1)

Slovak National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kirk Trevor
Recorded in May 2008 in Bratislava, Slovakia
Emil Niznansky, producer
Hubert Geschwandtner, recording engineer
John Guth, final mastering engineer

Emerge is a represents a universal beginning, the initiation of breath and of life in its most basic state and its subsequent natural development into more complex entities that evolve, shift, and at the end, unite again as one. The work begins and ends with the wind machine, symbolizing the most basic of life giving processes that we tend to take for granted. In the center of piece, the entire orchestra breathes with the wind machine, bringing all of the orchestral performers together in unison. At the beginning of the work, one hears sustained sounds of the orchestra following the wind machine, with similar sustained sounds preceding the wind machine at the end, representing the perfection and symmetry of life. The complexity of nature is represented by a number of aspects, including the use of twelve-tone chord structures and the collective improvisation sections that create an intricate web of complexity. The piece as a whole, through all of its transformations, reflects the simplest and yet the most intricate aspects of existence, a dichotomy so inherent in human experience.


-Keith Kramer

Spatial Extremes

For solo piano.
Performed by Joseph Satava. piano.
Recorded in December, 2006
Mike Cerri, recording engineer
Keith Kramer, mixing engineer
John Guth, final mastering engineer

The accompanying poem is as follows:

A journey into the space of a moment...
...or an eternity.
As infinite space echoes sound through the seemingly empty vacuum,
The space between ourselves is indeed a blessing...
...or a curse.
When silences are perceived through the boundless waves of conscious reality,
Spaces become smaller...
...and yet more infinite.

-Keith Kramer