Julie Mitchell Photo Credit: Christina Alford Photography

Julie Mitchell is a graduate student of Georgia Southern University, working towards her M.M. in Composition. She is also an alumni of Kennesaw State University, receiving both her B.A. in Music (Composition) and her B.M. in Music Education (Choral Concentration). Julie is now studying with Assistant Professor of Composition and Music Theory, Martin Gendelman at GSU and began her Master's Degree in fall of 2016. She is the chorus teacher at Statesboro High School. Her compositional debut in Statesboro occurred in fall of 2016 during the ArgUs 2016 New Music International Collaboration Project at Georgia Southern with her chamber orchestra piece, CheckMate. As a high school student, she was highly involved in performances outside of school, including All State Chorus, District Honor Chorus, and Governor’s Honors Program. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Julie was an active participant in KSU’s performance ensembles, including KSU’s Chamber Singers, Opera Theater, and Jazz Combos.Upon her entrance to KSU in 2010, she was chosen to be in the elite choir. During her time at KSU, she worked with Composer-in-Residence, Dr. Laurence Sherr and studied voice with mezzo-soprano, Valerie Walters. Since then, she has continued to pursue performance opportunities. She also has acquired a vast amount of teaching experience through her work as a Student Assistant and Lab Assistant at KSU, along with the semester she spent student teaching in Cobb County public schools. Her compositional debut at KSU occurred in 2011 during the Festival of New Music with her SSA piece, Je T’adore pour Éternité. In this recital, she was both the only female composer from KSU and the youngest student. In fall of 2013, she was the winner of KSU’s Concerto Competition, having the opportunity to hear her piece performed by KSU’s Chamber Singers for their 2014 Spring Concert, under the direction of Dr. Leslie Blackwell. For the KSU Student Composition Recital held on April 14th, 2015, she premiered her 6-movement cantata entitled Psalm 139. This was the largest student-led work to be featured at Kennesaw State University, including an ensemble of approximately 70 performers. ​In the spring of 2016, she received Honorable Mention for the Treefalls & SPO Call for Scores with her piece for brass quintet, ​Vérfürdő, and was recognized on their March 4th concert in Spartanburg, SC, along with her participation with 6 other composers at the Composer Roundtable Discussion at Upstate University of South Carolina. In spring of 2016, she was selected as an alternate composer in the 24-Hour Opera Project, presented by the Atlanta Opera. In the summer of 2016, her SATB piece, Sonnet 116, was chosen 1 of 4 as part of the Vox Nova Chorale Call for Scores for Emerging Women Composers, out of 94 submissions. The piece was premiered during the group's Celebrating Great Composers (Who Happen to be Women) concert at St. Mary's Chapel in St. Paul, Minnesota on the St. Paul Seminary Campus. ​ She is working on a number of large projects and hopes to premiere them through the progression of her studies.

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Sonnet 116

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Performed by Vox Nova Chorale under the direction of Paige Armstrong on July 30th and 31st, 2016 in St. Paul, MN. "Sonnet 116" was written as a wedding gift to my undergraduate college friend, Joseph McBrayer and his wife, Sami McBrayer. When I saw these two individuals, I saw, first of all, a great love for theater and the stage. When I searched for a text, I thought this one was perfect for them. It is a sonnet written by William Shakespeare, essentially stating, if love has never existed and if everything I've written in this sonnet is untrue, then my work as a writer is a sham and everything I've written about love is invalid. Love never ends with time or age. I thought this message was crucial and beautifully stated, and I felt would be a perfect message to send these two as they began their lives together. I play a lot with text-painting in this piece, hearing the lines "bending" and merging into one another with the line "Within his bending sickle's," hearing the climax, and leaving with a resolved, yet dissonant chord at the end, to portray the idea of love unending.

A Dream Within a Dream

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Performed by Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. Leslie Blackwell in spring of 2014, in Kennesaw, GA. "A Dream Within a Dream" is an SATB choral piece, with text by Edgar Allan Poe. I play again with text-painting, hearing the waves, the sound of tears falling while weeping, the remorse when exclaiming, "Oh, God!," and finally, at the end, the unresolved chord, which questions whether not everything is nothing but a dream.

Wo soll ich ihn gehen vor deinem Geist

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Performed during the Student Composer Recital under the direction of Matthew Alexander Richards in spring of 2014, in Kennesaw, GA. Megan Gibson, soprano, Karen Martin, mezzo-soprano, Terry Pendleton, tenor, Michael Bart, baritone, Ryan Gregory and Sarah Hoefer, fiddles. "Wo soll ich ihn gehen vor deinem Geist" is movement 2 of 6 of my cantata, "Psalm 139," arranged for vocal soloists, SATB choir, and chamber orchestra. In this movement, I wanted to explore techniques used in folk music, but in the process, I actually ended up exploring techniques also used in blues. It seemed like a lighter text compared to the other movements, and this work as a whole was my exploration of a variety of styles, including film score, fugue and imitation, orchestral, etc.