Neo-Traditional and a Musician's Composer

Dr. Nichols is a composer, organist, pianist, and collaborative musician. He works with varying levels of musicianship, from the amateur to the professional, striving to being a musician's composer and collaborator.

Recent Works

Recent works include:

  • Ex Tenebris for Percussion Quartet and Dance

  • Stone of Light for Chamber Orchestra and Ballet

  • Chorale for Marimba Solo

  • 24 Preludes for Piano Solo

Selected Works

  • Lullabies for Piano and Voice

  • Untitled 1 for Tape and Dance

  • Ours laborieux for Piano Solo

  • The Lost iPod for Piano Solo

Scholarly Research

  • The Compositional Tools of David Rakowski: A Brief Look and Analysis, 2018.

  • The Organ Reform Movement: A Pedagogical View, 2017.

  • The Use of Melody in Rachmaninoff´┐Żs Prelude in G-sharp Minor, 2016.