Seeking beauty, pursuing the divine.

Joshua Edward Altrock (All*trock) is a composer, writer, missionary, worship leader and student at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. His work lives at the intersection of theology, fine art and international culture. He merges the three in a search for the divine. He spends his days writing music, traveling the world and talking with people about spiritual formation. Altrock releases music under the name Joshua Edward and uses each of his pieces to explore sonic pathways to transcendence. At times ethereal and other times coarse, his music seeks new sounds to communicate universal truths about life, God and the way humans relate to themselves and to one another. Edward's latest project is Trouble is in the Land which is an electronic exploration of America's current political climate and the ways it has affected racial relations. It will be released on July 28th, 2017. Visit his website to learn more:

Let's connect: contact me at Also find me on social media: Twitter @_joshuaedward, Facebook @joshuaedwardmusic, and Instagram @joshuaedwardmusic.

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Sublimity - for audio track, guitar, horn and voice with electronics
Sublimity is Edward's most complex live project to date. It is a combination of an audio track, built from samples of the performers heard in this recording, and live improvisations that are guided by a modular score. The performers run all of their sounds through live audio effects in order to create a unified sonic landscape. The impetus for this piece was to create a space that captures the awe-inspiring sublimity of the ocean and use it as a metaphor for how humans understand God. This recording features Joshua Edward on horn and vocals and Cody Noriega on guitar. It was captured at the February 12, 2017 world premiere in Malibu, California.
Trouble is in the Land - feat. Donald J. Trump - Teaser
Trouble is in the Land is a totally electronic track that is generated from several recordings of Donald Trump, Martin Luther King, Kellyanne Conway, Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane. The piece explores themes such as, what does racial reconciliation really mean? What has the recent administration's use of "alternative facts" done to the way we view our Constitution? How are the people in power helping or hurting the issue of racism in America? All of these questions are explored in the context of this fast-paced piece of music. It is the composer's hope that this piece will help create a more honest conversation about the way all of us are implicit in racial oppression and help us wake up to the issues that plague the lives of many of our brothers and sisters. This piece will be released on July 28, 2017.
Cycles - for Piano solo
Cycles is a process piece for solo piano that imitates the minimalist style made famous by Terry Riley and, later, Phillip Glass. The piece is built in blocks of five measures each with every block introducing a new note or rhythm from the piece's architectural plan. Once this process is completed, this cycle is ripped apart and then interrupted by a reflective chordal section. The end is a collage of all of these elements and leaves the listener with a hint of lingering darkness. This recording is from the February 12, 2017 premier in Malibu, California and is performed by Moses Wen.
Finding Peace - for Flute Solo
This piece was written as a metaphor for Edward's first semester of study at Pepperdine. During this period of life, he had to fight through a time of depression as he began a challenging music program. This piece reflects that struggle and search for peace. This recording is from the world premiere on February 1st, 2016 in Malibu, California by flutist Stephanie Yoon.