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Joo Won Park (b. 1980) is a composer/researcher of music within several genres. His music and audio applications have been featured in several conferences such as the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States Conference, Seoul International Computer Music Festival, and International Computer Music Conference, as well as in print in Electronic Musician and The Csound Book. He received M.M and Ph.D. in composition at the University of Florida, where he studied with James Paul Sain, Paul Richards, and Paul Koonce. He graduated from Berklee College of Music majoring in Music Synthesis and Contemporary Writing/Production under the direction of Richard Boulanger. Dr. Park was an associate director of Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, and currently serves as an assistant professor of music at the Community College of Philadelphia. His music is available on the ICMC 2004 DVD, Spectrum Press, and Computer Music Journal.

Instruments and Live Electronics • Sum and Difference, for electronic ensemble (2021) •CML Suite, for electronic ensemble (2020) •PS Quartet No. 2, for electronic ensemble (2019) •Seven Bird Watchers, for electronic ensemble (2019) •Func Step Mode for piano and electronic ensemble (2019) •Cobalt Vase for piano and electronic ensemble (2019) • Dubious Toppings for piano and electronic ensemble (2019) • Hungry for voice, guitar and computer (2018) •On Off Fade, for electronic ensemble (2018) •Beat Matching, for electronic ensemble (2018) •PS Quartet No.1, for electronic ensemble (2017) • Elegy No. 2 for violin and computer (2017) • Touch for no-input mixer and custom analog synthesizer (2017) • Modulationist, for no-input mixer and custom digital synthesizer (2016) • Swamps, Showers, and Creatures, for oboe and computer (2016) • Singaporean Crosswalk, for laptop quartet (2016) • JNNJ, for percussion duo and fixed media (2016) • Hallelujah, for vibraphone and computer (2015) • Armor+2, for clarinet and computer (2015) • 9999, for sextet and electronics (2015) •Snake Extension, for noisy electronics (2015) •Three Corn Punch, for disklavier (2015) •Receding Hairline, for no-input mixer, electromagnetic pickup, and synthesizer (2014) •Gums, for no-input mixer (2013) •October 1402, for no-input mixer and computer (2013) •Large Intestine, for no-input mixer and computer (2013) •Elegy, for melodica, video, and computer (2013) •Lullaby for Router, for wireless router and electromagnetic microphone (2013) •UB1002, for mixer and computer (2013) •Sky Blue Waves, for celesta and computer (2013) •Harmonica30 for harmonica and computer (2013) •Zip Up for down coat and computer (2013) •Block Routine for building block toys and computer (2012) •Nocturne for electromagnetic microphones and computer (2012) •{One5}.play for Disklavier, computer, and video (2012) •Extrovert for video, melodica, metronomes, and computer (2011) •Parasol for umbrella and computer (2011) • Periodic Hot Wheels for toy piano and toy race car (2011) •Music With Vitamins for vegetables and computer (2011) •Introvert for video, melodica, and computer (2010) •Toccata for computer, contact microphone, and objects (2009) •Hwanseung for daegum (Korean bamboo flute) and tape (2008) •Peter's Shadow for Marimba Duo (2006) •TransDental for tooth brush and computer (2006) • Sul for String Orchestra (2005) • Accelerando Poco a Poco for flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, and marimba (2005) •Snapshots for bass clarinet and computer (2005) •Music for the Biceps for melodica and computer (2005) •Flauta y Cinta for flute and tape (2004) •Tak for janggo and computer (2003) •B.B.B. for Soprano saxophone, vibraphone, and piano (2004) •Tremolo for Bass Clarinet (2004) •Retrace for mbira and computer (2002) •Adrenaline Rush for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, turn table, and MIDI instruments (2001) Multimedia Projects •Magnets and Ghosts, sound installation (2020) •Monophonic Triplets, sound installation for multiple desktops (2017) •DistMod, audio application and composition (2017) •Crossing Home: A Skier's Journy, sound track for film (2016) •Join the Dots/Freedom Prison, sound track for theatre (2016) •BiQMod, audio application and composition (2016) •Control Click, sound installation for computer lab (2016) •Tom’s In, musical collaboration with Tom Lopez, Dana Jessen, & Lyn Goeringer (2015) •The Only Way, collaboration with Oberlin Dance Company (2015) •Made by All, Not by One, collaborative composition (2014) with Network for New Music •The Hunchback of Notre Dame…A Mute Play, theater by Renegade Company (2014) •The Strangest Thing: Clearance 13’6”, dance by Da•Da•Dance Project (2014) •Live at WPRB Radio, collaboration with Julius Masri (2013) •Framework Radio Show featuring Fireflies and Cicadas (2013) •Deep End, dance collaboration with Bethany Formica (2012) •Linda and Autumn, dance collaboration with Mauri Walton and Rolf Lakaemper (2012) •Rhythm of the Planets, installation collaboration with Rolf Lakaemper (2012) •Song Books and Four6, electronics for Cage Centennial Concerts (2012) •Constructions in Space, sound performance collaboration with Scott Allison (2011) •Memento Mori, multimedia collaboration with Mauri Walton (2011) •Soundblocks, sound installation (2011) •Toccata, sound installation (2011) •Onibaba, film scoring collaboration with Gene Coleman (2011) •Electronic Ensemble Improvisation Pieces for CC of Philadelphia Electronic Ensemble (2010) •WanderingToast, Remix for Moldover (2009) •Improvisation for Channel 53. Collaborative electronic music improvisation with Paul Geissinger (2009) •This is Ether for Radio Baton and computer. Collaborative work with Luis Maurette (2002) •Five Thoughts About the Drawers for sound installation (2001) •Sound Blocks : Collections of Short Electronic Pieces (2001 - Present) Fixed Media •Octaves in BPM 120 (2021) •Forms to Ponder (2020) •Piano Triplets (2020) •ISJS (2020) •RMHS (2020) •Miniature No. 1 (2017) •Cmin13 (2016) •Notation for Synthesizer (2016) •Beft (2014) •Eyelid Spasm (2014) •Reed Bed (2013) •30th Street Station With Hail (2013) •10M to Fairmount for video (2013) •Cornfields and Cicadas (2012) •Hillsborough Pond (2012) •Fireflies and Cicadas (2011) •Transit Point (2011) •NCP 2010 (2010) •August 09 (2009) •Songs for Noah (2009) •Gainesville Soundscape (2008) •SoundMobile (2007) •Palm Grove Pond (2007) •An Interview With Crickets (2007) •Reversible Jacket (2006) •KutMalKut (2006) •A Portrait of My Voices for 4 channel (2005) •Binge for 4 channel (2004) •Pianissimo for 4 channel tape (2004) •Decrescendo for 4 channel (2003)


Retrace (2002) - for mbira and computer
Retrace uses technology to expose colors hidden inside the Mbira (thumb piano). The instrument used in this piece was found at a flea market. The Mbira is an instrument that holds many memories for the composer. In performance, a computer running SuperCollider is used to create different textural variations out of a simple motif.
Accelerando Poco A Poco (2005) - for flute, Bb clarinet, Bb trumpet, alto saxophone, and marimba
Peter's Shadow (2006) - for marimba duo