Jon Fielder - Composer and Sound Artist

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Hello, my name is Jon Fielder; I'm a composer, sound designer and audio engineer based in the Twin Cities. I often struggle to define or describe my music, but if I had to put a label on it I would have to go with post-kerplunkity neomodernism, though you could more easily call it atonal electroacoustic/acoustic music. And if I had to describe my main interests and goals compositionally and artistically they could be distilled into 4 dyadic categories: 1) electronics and media, 2) timbre and texture, 3) gesture and energy, and 4) sound and metaphor. Throughout my career and development as a musician my interests, style and conceptualization of music has evolved many times over, but those four categories are, and always have been, at the forefront of my musical thinking. I’m particularly drawn to the thornier side of the musical spectrum, with a strong preference for atonality, juxtaposition of contrasting elements, and abrasive sounds (I think I would genuinely love the sound of chewing on tin foil). When creating my own music I often turn to more mathematical and structured approaches to generate content, which is then filtered through personal life experiences to, hopefully, create interesting sonic narratives and imagery. I also keep a blog called KLANG dedicated to discussing experimental and adventurous new music in America, reviews of recordings, concerts/festivals and book, and interviews with emerging American composers.