Jon-Luke Martin is an undergraduate at Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS where he studies Music Composition under Dr. Timothy Rolls, and Voice under Dr. Joseph Perniciaro. He anticipates to graduate in December 2017. He hopes to attend Graduate School in Fall of 2018.


The Last Invocation

Set to a poem by Walt Whitman of the same name, "The Last Invocation" is a piece I wrote specifically for the performer, Tyler Saunders. He picked the poem, and I wrote it in time for him to perform it on his Graduate Recital. Thank you, Tyler, for performing my piece!

Une nuit d'amour une danse et berceuse

The primary reason I have written Une nuitÖ is simple. Iíve just always wanted to write a string quartet! Playing violin for 7 years, and viola for 4, I have played in several quartets and chamber ensembles, and have always been fascinated by them. A few of my favorite pieces are even string quartets! (Sorry, I wonít say which ones. Theyíre already famous enough. Letís focus on just one composer tonight!) So, after completing a few other pieces for this recital, I figured a great addition to this evening would be something thatís been on my compositional bucket list for quite some time. Following an ABCDCBA format, all connected by the motive heard right from the beginning, this piece is meant to flow through 4 different musical sections that are meant to not be like the others.

The Roommates

The Roommates is based off my two current roommates, Rachel and Ciara, the pets we all share, and the interactions amongst everyone involved. The goal within each movement is to capture the personality of the person or being the movements are about, and to do that I put something in them that is a little unconventional for performers outside of the vocal realm. Nothing in these pieces was written with malicious intent, but to just give everyone a humorous look into my home life!