Detroit Summer 2016

Retired now and taking theory at a local college. I'm been told to get my pieces out there. I'm working on an album of miniatures to be titled "Short Stories" all solo piano.

I'm a bit new at scoring, so please be gentle...I'm in training! ;)


Clown Car (solo piano)

PDF score

Program piece. At the circus, a small car is pushed into center of the ring by a bunch of clowns. They get back in the car, and the driver tries to start it a few times. After it finally gets going, it backfires and the clowns pile out, stumbling and tumbling about, sticking their tongues out at the crowd, run around a little and get back in the car and drive off. But one clown is left behind, scratching his head. The car disappears behind the curtains, the lone clown scurries away, and the last you hear is a car door slam...