Jim Rhinehart is a composer, pianist, and teacher currently living in Muncie, Indiana. Originally from Michigan, Dr. Rhinehart has degrees from Central Michigan University (Theory and Composition), Florida State University (Choral Music Education), and Ball State University (Theory and Composition).

As a composer, Jim has written for band, choir, chamber ensembles and soloists. He has also written original music and arrangements for attractions, shows, and showcases. He is an eclectic and enthusiastic composer, drawing from many traditions and influences while creating works with a charming individuality.

As a pianist, Jim has performed solo, with numerous bands and ensembles, and on a variety of recordings. As an accompanist, Jim has played for All-State choirs, Broadway and jazz vocalists, and many, many student singers from middle-school to college age. He truly enjoys collaborative music making.

As a teacher, Jim has taught at the middle- and high-school levels, as well as the undergraduate level. He is currently an Instructor of Theory and Composition at Ball State University.

When not doing music, Jim enjoys fly fishing and charcuterie.


Precious Memories

Commissioned by the Dr. Phillips High School (FL) Cora Bella, and premiered at the 2013 American Choral Directors Association national convention in Dallas, Precious Memories is a setting of a traditional gospel hymn for SSA chorus and piano. The goal of this arrangement was to give the kids a piece that was fun and challenging (also for the pianist!). With a tip of the hat to Aaron Copland.

After Dusk

Composed for Elisa Moles, After Dusk is a short work for solo flute or flute with electronics. The recording is the premiere performance (of the flute-only version) at the SCI Region 1/PARMA Music Festival in 2013.

Dr. Whose Line is it Anyway?

A fun little track I made for an improv comedy show. The task? Rip off ... er, lovingly emulate the theme from Doctor Who.