James MacDonald is a composer based in Columbus, Ohio. His works have been performed on the composerís workshop recitals at The Ohio State University, The Ohio State University Concerto Concert, the Capital University NOW Festival, SCI Student National Conference, and as part of the Salon3 concert series at The Drawing Room in Brooklyn, NYC. He is currently pursuing a DMA degree at The Ohio State University, where he studies with Dr. Thomas Wells. He received his Master of Music degree from The Ohio State University, and his Bachelorís in Music from Capital University, where he studied under Tony Zilincik, Dr. Dina Lentsner, Dr. Rocky Reuter, Stan Smith, and Dr. Vera Stanojevic.

Selected Works:

Music for dance work "I am, and I'm," commissioned by Anna Vomacka, 2017.

"Katerina's Song" for 4-Channel fixed media, 2017.

"Study in Movement" for Interactive Media, 2016.

Music for dance work "Breathe with Me," commissioned by Anna Vomacka, 2016.

"Shift" for Orchestra as part of a residency with The Ohio State University Symphony Orchestra, 2016.

"С Этой Горы (From this Mountain)" for Voice, Trumpet, and Piano, commissioned by Mary Hill, 2015.

"Send and Return" for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Contrabass, Piano, and Two Percussionists, 2015.

"Repeat" for Violoncello and Live Electronics, 2014.

"Broken Limbs" for 8-Channel Fixed Media, 2014.

"Run Around" for Percussion Trio, 2013.

"A Girl Named Mystery" for Woodwind Quintet, 2012.



Performed Live at the Ohio State University Composer's Workshop Concert, November 11, 2015. Cello: Caitlyn Trevor Electronics: James MacDonald Repeat is a piece for solo violoncello and live electronic sound. The sound of the cello is processed in real-time with the assistance of the anticipatory score-follower Antescofo in Max/MSP. The performer is allowed to interpret rhythms and tempi as they wish, and the electronics follow suit. Repeat is an exploration of two small motifs and the timbral possibilities of the instrument. It is manipulated by means of recording and looping, resonators, delays, physical modeling and granular syntheses.