Hope A. Starr, Composer and Pianist

Starr enjoys taking long walks while listening to various genres of music


Hope A. Starr is a Texan composer and pianist whose music is rhythmic and energized, bringing joy to those who listen to it. Starr most enjoys writing for strings and piano but she has also written for other instruments and ensembles such as big band and solo percussion. Many of her professionally recorded works can be found on SoundCloud. Starr is currently getting her Bachelor of Music Composition at Stephen F. Austin State University where she currently studies composition with Robert J. Coe, having previously studied with Dr. Chad Robinson privately for two years. Carol Holst and Dr. Stephen Termini were Starr's instructors in classical and jazz piano. Starr has performed many times with the Alvin Community College jazz band and currently works with Dr. Robinson's non-profit organization Texas New Music Ensemble selling tickets and managing the stage during performances. Current projects Starr is working on include a saxophone and electronics piece based on Alena Aenami's artpiece Away in Silence and scoring a feature-length film with the other members of the film scoring team at Stephen F. Austin State University.


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Past Performances

World Premiere of A Familiar Tale - for solo percussion
Nov 13th at Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, TX

List of Select Works

A Familiar Tale - solo percussion, 2019

Midnight Dance - saxophone, cello, and piano, 2019

What a Sunny Evening - big band, 2019

The Water's Surface and its Depths - clarinet and piano, 2018

A Ship at Sea - string quartet, 2018

Dreams and Memories - piano, 2017


The Water's Surface and its Depths
Written for clarinet and piano.

Performers: Anonymous (clarinet), Mary Katherine Schober (piano).
A Ship at Sea
Written for string quartet.

Movement I. While the Storm Rages
Movement II. On the Ocean Blue
Movement III. Battle

Performers: Westheimer String Quartet featuring Sean O'Neal (violin I), Zachary Montasser (violin II), Alexa Thomson (viola), and Daron Kirsch (cello).
Dreams and Memories
Written for piano.

Movement I. Dance of Memories
Movement II. Dreamland
Movement III. Black as the Water

Performers: Mary Katherine Schober.