David Sorenson

David Sorenson is a composer/pianist and current graduate student at Central Michigan University. Contact: dvdsrnsn@gmail.com Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dvdsrnsn


Scherzo was composed in the fall of 2014 for David Sorenson's junior piano recital. This piece was inspired by the scherzi of Chopin, but with a more contemporary vocabulary (specifically, the harmonic language of Messiaen). Short melodic fragments abound in perpetual motion with brief moments of relief and respite that break the insisting stream of 16th notes.
Voidlight was composed for the University of Mary Percussion Ensemble in 2015. The piece depicts the light of a nearly full moon as faint clouds pass under it. At times, the light is dulled and obscured; at other times the clouds give way to the cold light of the moon.
Prelude for Orchestra
This short piece was originally part of a suite of piano pieces; however, the suite was dismantled in early editing. Fittingly, this piece was composed as an expression of frustration with compositional output at the time. This frustration can be heard in the main melody, which wraps around itself, as though it is trying and failing to find the right notes. The harmony provides little stability, as it shifts between and combines quintal, secundal, and nonfunctional tertian harmonies. This piece won the 2017 Central Michigan University Orchestral Composition Competition and will be performed by the CMU Orchestra in the fall of 2017.
Hollow Light
Hollow Light depicts an umbral landscape of of deep violets and greens with faint streaks of yellow and red. It is based on three short diatonic that are slowly developed and repeated almost ritualistically. The first idea is a short flowing melody with very simple accompaniment. The second is a series of symmetric chords that move outward to clusters. The final idea is another short melody harmonized with very open chords.