David D. McIntire:

McIntire performing at Silo City in Buffalo NY.

David D. McIntire is a composer, educator and producer based in Kansas City. He was born in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and has some training on the clarinet. Playing in a small-town band and singing Protestant hymnody provided his foundation. He exhibited an inexplicable interest in contemporary and electronic music from an early age and was propelled into creative activity via the examples of John Cage, Frank Zappa, and Brian Eno. He once played in a series of overly idealistic groups, including the Colorblind James Experience, the Hotheads, and the Whitman-McIntire Duo, all of which celebrated spontaneity as a core value. Currently leads the overly idealistic Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes and operates Irritable Hedgehog, a label devoted to minimal and electroacoustic repertoire. He teaches at Missouri Western State University.


McIntire describes his music as "characterized by inherent awkwardness, directness of expression, lack of transition, and a tendency to deploy compositional methods and technology in an unrefined manner. I don't know what I'm doing, more than half of the time."


Junewalk was composed for my trio, the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes (EIO). I describe it as a "mobile," with a number of fixed musical objects "hung" upon a walking bass line. Between these objects (played on the clarinet and trumpet) are brief improvisations, which are fragmentary and fleeting. I've occasionally explained to audiences that Junewalk is "not jazz, but a memory of jazz." David D. Mcintire: clarinet Ryan Oldham: trumpet Brian Padavic: double bass. Live performance at the Bop Shop, Rochester NY, September 2016.
This B is for Brian
This B is for Brian is the first work composed for the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes (EIO). I set out to compose a work for double bass and electronics, but along the way, a trio was formed and the idea of a piece with a fixed set of musical events was abandoned. The work is exceedingly fluid in its realization, even occasionally performed without electronics. This performance is live, at Mansfield University in September of 2016. David D. McIntire: tenor saxophone & electronics; Ryan Oldham: trumpet; Brian Padavic: double bass.
I've long admired the compositions and playing of soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy. His angular melodies and wry sense of humor have been inspirations for me for many years. This piece is an homage to his music (including his penchant for single-syllable titles), composed for the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes. This performance is from a concert at Missouri Western State University, 21 February 2017. David D. McIntire: soprano saxophone; Ryan Oldham: trumpet; Brian Padavic: double bass.
The Continuing Path
The Continuing Path is a transcription and adaptation of an improvisation that I played at Buffalo's Silo City, in 2017. I was on tour with my trio, the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes, and we spent three days recording and performing in its spaces. Playing there was a profoundly moving experience, experiencing the tremendous reverberance and the haunted desolation of the abandoned structures. Listening to our recordings afterwards, I found myself wanting to reproduce the experience (however imperfectly), in more traditional performance spaces. This piece utilizes some fixed media, as well as real-time processing of the saxophone using Ableton Live.