Daniel Sitler (BMI) is a midwestern composer and string bassist. His musical style employs a wide variety of aesthetics and structures. Sitler enjoys composing music for instrumental, vocal, and electroacoustic mediums. His music has been performed at various SCI Conferences, N_SEME, Ball State University Festival of New Music, and Charlotte New Music Festival. His music has been performed by members of 5th House Ensemble, Beo String Quartet, and Violet. He has studied with Eleanor Trawick, Michael Pounds, Keith Kothman, Daniel Swilley, Eli Fieldsteel, and Amelia Kaplan.

Upcoming Performances

Violet Ball State Faculty Artist Recital:
Still... (Premier)

August 29, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
Violet: Elizabeth Crawford, Clarinet; Katrin Meidell, Viola

International Viola Congress:

September 2, Wellington, New Zealand
Violet: Elizabeth Crawford, Clarinet; Katrin Meidell, Viola

SCI Region VII Conference:
We No Longer Hear Human Voices

October 13, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Stereo Fixed Audio

Performed Works

Danses dans les Rêves des Enfants
2013-2014 (Celesta, 'Cello, Bass; ~5 min.)

  1. La Penombré
  2. La Cheval à Bascule
  3. La Fête
  4. L'Ange

Stained Glass
2014 (a cappella SATB choir; ~4 min.)
Composed for Ball State University's Musica in Situ project

The Creative Process
2011-2014 (Soprano Sax doubling Tenor Sax, Electric Bass, Drums: ~7 min.)

  1. (Inspiration)
  2. (Procrastination, Focus, and More Procrastination)
  3. (The Deadline; Relief)

Diving Sonata
2015 (Fixed Audio and Video; 5:50)
Collaboration with animator Marisa Lozano

Trois Chansons
2014 (Soprano (opt. Mezzo Soprano), Guitar; ~9 min.)

  1. Avant d'Oublier
  2. Prière
  3. Il est Parti

frustration etude
2014 (Solo Piano; ~8-11 min.)

Beat! Beat! Drums!
2015 (Tenor Saxophone, Drum Set; ~5 min.)
Collaboration with composer Daniel W. Smith

2015 (Live Electronics)

2015 (SATB Choir, Vocoder/Live Electronics; ~4:30)

2016 (Clarinet, Bassoon, Contrabass; ~4 min.)
for members of 5th House Ensemble

Vol Brève
2016 (Viola & Piano; ~4 min)
Composed for Charlotte New Music Festival

2016 (Viola Alone; ~6 min)
Commissioned by Katrin Meidell

Catharsis: An Unsound Mind Wanders
2016 (Mezzo-soprano, Piano, Clarinet, Harp, Percussion, Contrabass; ~9 min)
Collaboration with Mezzo-soprano and poet Alexandra Hegedus

We No Longer Hear Human Voices
2016 (Stereo Fixed Media; 6 min)

2017 (Flute, Bassoon, Horn; ~7 min)
Commissioned by Susy Smit, Cameron Keenan, and Cassie Eide

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
2016 (Mezzo-soprano, Guitar, Contrabass; ~6 min)
Commissioned by Joel Braun

On the Ends of Good and Evil
2016 (Soprano, Live Electronics; ~7 min)
For Sarah Coffman, SPLICE 2017


On the Ends of Good and Evil

PDF score

Sarah Coffman, Soprano

On the Ends of Good and Evil, for Soprano and live electronics, audibly explores a text not even meant to be read, much less heard or set to music. Lorem Ipsum is a typesetting dummy text derived from sections of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (En: On the Ends of Good and Evil) by Cicero from 45 BC. The dummy text is valued for its seemingly random qualities. This piece uses the dummy text, the source text, an English translation of the source text, and randomly generated text from as a means of making sense of perceived randomness.

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