Hi. Welcome. Pleased to meet you. Greetings. Stay as long as you like. Oh hey. What's up? Um, hi? Good afternoon. Nice to see you. Hiya. What's crackin'? Howdy. Sup. What's shakin', bacon? It's been a while. Oh heyyyyyy. Make yourself at home. Good evening. It's always a pleasure to see you. Where have you been hiding? Yo. Please don't leave me again. Long time no see. Hello. Good evening. G'day mate. How do you do? What a pleasant surprise. You're always welcome.

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I suppose just a little more couldn't hurt: soundcloud.com/tsinobmort


The Raven

PDF score

from poe, made real by friends

Mimo Provoz

the end of the ball state era. bittersweet, yes, but a long time coming

Spring Training

an entire piece based on a joke that was never funny

Wax and Feathers

i had words for this piece, but they were all lies