Daniel J. McIntosh, Freelance Composer

Daniel J. McIntosh, a composer of art music in several subgenres, is best known for his technique of variant levels of synchronization. His music frequently combines post-minimalist and aleatoric techniques utilizing a modal harmonic language. Daniel has been commissioned by several prominent ensembles and performers including Washburn University Wind Ensemble, Anderson University Wind Ensemble, Arkansas State University Bands, Mid America Nazarene University Concert Band, University of Kansas Bands, University of New Mexico Symphonic Band, Ensemble Subsonique, the In Motus Quartet, and the Violetta Duo. His works have received several awards including the Anthony Cius Award for his choral/orchestral work Star Death, a first place prize in the Anderson University Concerto-Aria Competition for his orchestral work The Spirit of Human Endeavor, and a second place prize in the KU Iron Composer competition. Daniel has been selected as a finalist for the 2015 I International Competition of Choral Composition "Kromátika” and the Midwest Chamber Ensemble’s two year Composer in Residence position, and his works have been selected to be performed by groups such as PARMA, the Cicada Consort, Helianthus, the Jordan College of the Arts Composer’s Orchestra, and the Rural America New Music Festival.


Orange Globules of Distant Paradise