Craig Morris

Musical Biography Craig Madden Morris Craig Morris has composed music since he was eleven years old. He has studied composition with Shirley Bloom, Kevin Scott and Joelle Wallach. He has also studied violin, piano and voice. He has been a violinist with the Bronx Symphony Orchestra for forty years and now plays with the Ridgewood Symphony. He has worked professionally as a cantor. His music has been performed by the Bronx Symphony Orchestra, the CETA Orchestra of New York, the North Jersey Symphony, Fifth International Music Festival of Buenos Aires, the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia, the Chamber Music Society of Formosa, members of the Amasi Trio,the Gregg Smith Singers and the Nyack College Chorale. His compositions include three piano sonatas and several piano suites, orchestral pieces including several suites, a clarinet concerto, a violin concerto, a cello rhapsody, a concert duet for soprano and tenor, choral compositions and a sacred service for the Sabbath (published in the Journal of Synagogue Music).Two recent choral compositions, Arise My Love, and The Rubaiyat, were chosen as finalists in the 2010 Meistersingers Choral Competition. A CD of his chamber music was released by Parma Recordings June 2011. Seven choral works have been recorded in 2011-13 by the Composer’s Choir in Hamden, CT. His music has been hailed as “extremely intelligent, complex and powerful”, “beautiful, lively and moving”, and “very individual yet totally accessible.” Reviews of Dreams included: Gapplegate Classical Reviews “There are times when music may not be ultra-advanced categorically yet be so captivating that one doesn’t care. The composer Craig Madden Morris and his chamber music on the album Dreams (Ravello 7813) gives us such a time. There is lyricism, formal heft, beautifully played parts and an idiomatic craftsmanship/inspiration that makes it all a joy to hear.” Planet Hugill “In style, Morris is unashamedly Romantic but with thoughtfulness and care in construction. In composing style he hovers between John Corigliano and Samuel Barber.” Music Web International “Contemporary romanticism, yet not slipping into the ambience music category. The composer knows how to set the mood and the mood set is very uniform throughout: leisurely and sweet. The harmonies are modern and free, often quite adventurous.” Baby Sue Review “Really nice soothing breezy instrumental music with integrity. No matter what style of genre Morris delves into, he succeeds.” Dr. Morris is a child psychiatrist and an assistant professor at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. A native New Yorker, he has lived in New City, NY for many years with his wife, Nancy. Their children and grandchildren live in Massachusetts.

MUSIC COMPOSITIONS CRAIG MORRIS Opus 31 Wherever You Go 2012 for SATB Chorus and Piano 30 Two Are Better Than One 2011 for SATB Chorus and Piano Performance: Composers’ Choir March 2012 29 Benjamin Overture 2012 (Commission, Orange CC Symphonic Band) 28 The Touch of Memory 2011 for SATB Chorus and Piano Performance: Composers’ Choir August 2011 27 How Sweet Your Love 2011 for SATB Chorus and Piano Verses from the Song of Songs Performance: Composers’ Choir August 2011 26 Song of Peace 2011 Traditional Jewish Prayer for SATB/Piano Performance: Composers’ Choir April 2011 25 Reflections 2009 Piano, four hands 24 Tropical Dances for Piano 2009 Salta Colores Habanera 23 Piano Trio 2008 Performance: Chamber Music Society of Formosa Daphne Su, violin; Hsiao-Ling Chang, piano; Nancheng Chen, cello Taiwan Consulate, NYC June 30, 2010 22 The Rubaiyat 2007 Verses by Omar Khayyam for SATB Chorus and Piano Performance: The Gregg Smith Singers Composers’ Workshop April 30, 2008 Finalist, 2010 Meistersingers Choral Competition Composers’ Choir March, 2011 21 Dream Songs 2007 Tre Canzoni per Piano 1. Chanson Suave (Sweet Song) 2. Canción de Sílfide (A Sylph’s Song) 3. Canção Saudade (Song of Longing) Performance: Conrad Winslow Martha Locker 20 Arise, My Love, for SATB Chorus and Piano 2006 Verses from the Song of Songs Chapters 2,8 Performance: The Gregg Smith Singers Composers’ Workshop March 11. 2007 Finalist, 2010 Meistersingers Choral Competition Composer’ Choir March, 2011 19 Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra (piano reduction) 2005 Moderato, expansive Performance: Nyack College Gala Fall Concert Chungsun Kim, cello Tammy Lum, piano September 27, 2005 18 Violin Concerto (Revised 2010) 2003 Vivace con brio, “By The River” Andante, “Breezes” Rondo Allegro, “Dance” Performance: The Orchestra Society of Philadelphia Orchestral Reading Kevin Scott, Conductor Christine Kwak, Violin November 6, 2009 17 Clarinet Concerto 2001 Andante, Canon Allegro Adagio, Romance Performances: Bronx Symphony Orchestra Alejandro Guzman, conductor Gary Dranch, clarinet November 16, 18, 2001 Fifth International Music Festival of Buenos Aires August 23, 2002 Gary Dranch, clarinet Patricia Costek, piano North Jersey Symphony Orchestra March 7, 2004 Marvin Von Deck, conductor Gordon MacDonald, clarinet 16 Piano Sonata #3 2000 Vivace, Pulses Adagio, Reverie Allegretto, Dance 15 The Tiger, for SATB Chorus and Piano 1999 based on the poem by William Blake Performance: Nyack College Chorale Joel Jameson, choral director April 29th, 2006 Composers’ Choir April, 2011 14 Piano Sonata #2 1998 Allegretto Andante, Romance Vivace, Rondo 13 Moody Day, Rondo for Piano 1997 12 Lullaby, for Orchestra 1996 Performance: Bronx Symphony Orchestra Kevin Scott, conductor November 1996 11 Piano Sonata #1, Summer 1996 Vivace, By the River Andante, Winds and Whispers Rondo Vivace, Fireflies 10 The Touch of Memory 1989 Song for Voice and Piano Performance: Craig Morris, Tenor Ted Ackerman, Piano 9 A Gentle Musaf for Shabbat 1987-95 Fifteen Vocal Pieces for Cantor and Congregation 1. Chassidic Ashray 2-5. Kedushah 6. Yis’m’chu 7. Sim Sholom 8. Y’hi’yu L’ro’tzon 9. Kaddish Shalem 10. Ain Kelohaynu 11. L’ma’an Achai V’ray’ay 12. Adon Olam 13. Yigdal 14. Benediction 15. L’ma’an Tzion Publication: Journal of Synagogue Music, Cantors Assembly July 1987, Volume XVII, Number 1 8 David 1987 Song for voice and piano 7 And Abraham Remained Standing Before the Lord 1983 Concert Duet for Tenor, Soprano and Orchestra Performance: Bronx Symphony Orchestra Joseph DelliCarri, conductor Catherine Williams, soprano Paul Rogers, tenor October 1983 6 Five Pieces for Piano 1982-84 Romance Duet Clowns Kabob Loss Performance: Rita Feinauer 5 Untitled, Three Pieces for Orchestra 1982 Untitled Ibid. Op. Cit. Performance: Bronx Symphony Orchestra Joseph DelliCarri, conductor April 1982 4 Song, for Orchestra 1978 Performance: CETA Orchestra of New York May 1978 3 Sonatina for Orchestra 1975 Allegro Allegretto, Flowers for Nancy Rondo Allegro Performance: Bronx Symphony Orchestra Michael Spierman, conductor June 1975 2 Two Pieces for Piano 1968 Flowers for Nancy More Flowers Performance: Rita Feinauer 1 Three Pieces for Piano 1966-68 Nocturne, Lily Rhapsody, Sky Intermezzo, Gnome Performance: Rita Feinauer


Piano Trio
Christine Kwak, violin Nan-Cheng Chen, cello Eduard Laurel, piano
Bronx Symphony Orchestra Kevin Scott, Conductor
How Sweet Your Love
Composers Choir
Chanson Suave, Dream Songs
Martha Locker, piano