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Fading Memory
This work is a personal retrospection on the past, inspired by the visit of an old friend. We spent the whole day and night talking about life, from when we were little kids playing in the backyard of our home until most recent. There were many things in life that we thought we would never forget, but we do. In order to describe the "feelings" caused by the color of memory is fading-- which is abstract and subjective, I hoped the musical language could be visualized by the shapes and textures, also through the deliberate design of timbers. Thus, these three factors are my primary consideration rather than musical materials such as melody or harmony, even pitch. I hoped those contrasting figures not only feature different sections, also naturally form the whole piece. *This is my latest piece, please feel free to contact if you have comments, or interested in recording it.
Under the rain
This work is an acousmatic piece, inspired by the sounds of raining, water drops, wind and many more. In its original version, I recorded piano part and manitipulated the sound sources with various means. Later I have revised it to a piano with pre-recorded electronics piece, I hoped that it could be heard in a live performance. So that the audio file you will hear contains a MIDI piano part as well as electronics.