Brian Riordan is a composer, performer, improviser, producer, and sound artist originally from Chicago, IL. and is in his fifth year as a PhD student in music composition and theory at University of Pittsburgh. His research interests involve real-time digital signal processing, and laptop performance aesthetics. He comes from a very diverse musical background and creates music that reflects the eclecticism that he has experienced by attempting to fuse traditionally separate sound worlds generated by interaction of instrumental performers and computerized gestures. He has also studied folkloric drumming in Havana Cuba, and Morelia Mexico. As an avid collaborator, he has performed in numerous ensembles ranging from rock, jazz, classical, and experimental throughout the united states. His compositions have been performed by The JACK Quartet, Ensemble, Linea, Wet Ink Ensemble, The Meridian Arts Ensemble, The H2 Quartet, Alia Musica, Kamraton, and Wolftrap. His music has been featured at SICPP, New Music On The Point, SPLICE, NSEME, and The Walden Creative Musicians Retreat. He is the technical director of New Music On The Point, and is also a co-director of the C:ompiler new music series.

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The Moon Is Floating Away From The Earth, Don't Think About It.

PDF score

Composed for Ensemble Linea using both equal temperament, and just intonation. The piece reflects my electronic work represented in acoustic instrumentation.


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K. was written while I was stuck in a bureaucratic stalemate. Composed for New Music On The Point 2016 festival.