The Devil You Know (vs. The Devil You Don't)
The Devil You Know (vs. The Devil You Donít) Brad Decker 2016 Double Bass and Electronics 7:37 This piece became a symbol of the struggle we all face between the known and the unknown, the things we can control and things we cannot. It arose out of a political dispute between the agenda of the Illinois state government and the people who work for it. As I watch the dismantling of our higher education system, many government programs, and the loss of good jobs, I am shocked at how vulnerable we all can become. The deals we are forced to make made me realize there are many things we take for granted, and there is so much at stake. This struggle is universal, and in a personal, musical context, is manifest in my current experience in composition and improvisation. Some say they are essentially the same, while others maintain they are completely different. Iíve found both to be equally satisfying, and Iíve found myself dealing with different types of vulnerability in either case. While my work as an improviser has informed this piece, Iíve decided to embrace the devil I know.