Anna Butler is a third year student studying Music Theory and Composition at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. She is a mezzo-soprano with piano training and is studying under Professors Jennifer Merkowitz and Helen Allen. Since 2015, Anna has been serving as president of Otterbein University's Society of Composers Inc. She spends much of her time composing piano and choral music, and takes inspiration from more romantic styles, as well as music with strong, melodic themes.


The Eve of Eve

I had began writing The Eve of Eve at the beginning of January 2016 and finished in March of the same year for a solo piano part. The piece, like much of my work, is very much based on a romantic style, with a strong melody and expressive tempo, but also with unique chord progressions. The melody is supposed to represent an friend or loved one who is no longer in our lives. This piece tried to capture the memories of the mutual compassion between two people and the uneasy dread of what was to happen to separate them. Specifically, to me, this piece represents a day I shared with an old friend, that day being “the eve of eve” which is where the title came about.