Amy was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. When she was young, she would write music about her pets and sing them around the house. Starting out as a songwriter, on Monday nights she would sing at a local sandwich shop and entered every talent show at her high school. When the time came, she moved on to Westerville, Ohio to attend Otterbein University. With her main instrument being voice, she sung with the Otterbein University Women's Choral and Concert Choir. She also participated in ensembles such as 1:00 Combo, Opera Scenes, Red Noise, Percussion Ensemble, and The Cardinal Marching Band. She now has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, concentrating in Composition and Theory. Amy still lives in Columbus, Ohio pursuing music.

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In The Rolling

"In The Rolling" was composed in 2014. Having been in a member of Otterbein University’s Percussion Ensemble and Cardinal Marching Band, I wanted to experience more with percussion than just playing. I always felt that “percussion” was the goofball of any band. Sure, they keep time and make sure the rest of the ensemble is together, but percussion sometimes just messes around. That is what this piece is about. There is a main theme that is repeated throughout, and each line of the keyboard instruments tries to play it at least at some point. They treat it like a race and as the keys race, the un-pitched percussion laughs at them. The entire time, the instruments are striving to be in the running, which is the inspiration for the title; since the keyboard instruments have notated rolls, they’re “in the rolling.” There’s a continuous battle over melody line, dynamics and key in the piece.

Take My Hand

"Take My Hand" was written in the fall of 2013, in the Beginning Composition class. It is written for a small vocal ensemble and was composed with a dear friend in mind. In 2013 I pledged to Tau Epsilon Mu sorority and this inspiring woman offered me her hand to lead me; I took it and followed her. She inspired the lyrics for this piece. The melody is uplifting and reflects my journey. The piano and vibraphone each strives to create the melody separately but create a melody together. LYRICS: Take my hand and I’ll lead you. Walk away and I’ll need you. Close your eyes and I’ll show you. Take my hand and we can go. Take my hand and I’ll lead you. Take my hand ‘cause I need you. You’ll never be lonely, You know you can call me. I’m here for the everlasting time you need. Just keep your faith open. Our spirits are glowin’ I’ll listen to you if you need me to. Take my hand, Take my hand, Please take my hand, ‘cause I need you.

The Moon

"The Moon" was composed in spring of 2014 for 1:00 Combo. During that semester students performed their own compositions. Since that performance, the piece has undergone unique revisions. The lyrics tell a story of the love between the Sun and the Moon from the Moon’s perspective. They rarely get to see each other because they’re in the sky during different times. During the one moment when they do see each other during the transition of day and night, the Moon understands that they have a true love. Waiting for that small moment to see the Sun is worth it. In this transition they create the sunset together and the colors represent their love. LYRICS: Her days are long. The sun is gone. He shares the sky. When he leaves the moon will cry. At night she sings, she dances on Saturn’s rings. Sun stays awake. Their laughter bounces off the lake. Moon knows her love is true. The sun is one she looks up to. She doesn’t see him much. But it is sorcery when their lips touch. He rises, she falls. They’ll always answer if one calls. Meet the sun, and the moon. They have dinner in the afternoon. Hues of their love. The sunset they’re so proud of. Moon’s nights are long, her love is gone. She loves their sky. ‘till Sun returns the moon will cry.