Amber Beams, composer

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Amber Beams (b.1989) earned a minor in Applied Muisc from Indiana-University-Purdue-University of Indianapolis in 2010. She earned her bachelor's degree cum laude at the University of Indianapolis where she studied composition with John Berners, electronic composition with Pete Schmutte and flute with Anne Reynolds. Amber recently completed her Masters in Music Composition at Butler University in Indianapolis where she studied with Michael Schelle and Frank Felice. Along with her studies at Butler, Amber is also teaching flute through the school's community arts program. As composer she has received coaching from many respected composers including Carter Pann, William Bolcom, Gabriella Lena Frank, Michael Schelle, Frank Felice, and David Gompper. Amber is also a freelance flutist in the Indianapolis area and plays regularly with the Indianapolis Symphonic Band.


Handbell Ensemble

Turning of Colors (2016)
The Machine (2015)
Night of the Bells (2014)
The Mouse Ran Down the Clock(2012)

Large Ensemble

One Thousand North, for concert band (2016)
Ahnah, for chamber orchestra (2013)

Chamber Ensemble

Construction, for brass quartet and cello (2015)

Stranger, for mezzo-soprano and basson (2015)

It's Only a Metaphor, for piano (2015)
I. Oblivion
II. Affliction
III. Infinity

Fire & Ice, for percussion and narrator (2014)

Calls, for flute (2014)
I. Morning Call
II. Love Birds
III. Dusk

Sunbeam, for violin and cello (2012)


Coming up for Air (2015)
Chores (2015)
The Bell (2015)
Cardaic Arrest (2014)


The Machine (2015)

The Machine is my third piece for handbell ensemble that continues to push the limits of the standard repertoire. Created with the idea of turning a handbell choir into a large working machine, the repeated rhythms heard in the bass bells represent the steady movement of the gears, while the treble clef bells represent the "bells and whistles."

Joyful Sound Handbell Choir
Director, June Hannah

Night of the Bells (2014)

Night of the Bells is a continuation of my journey into breaking the standards of handbell ensemble repertoire. This piece uses a variety of techniques that adds texture to the piece and visual interest for the audience. I invite you, the audience, to step into an evening of wonderment as the bells perform their nightly song.

University of Indianapolis Handbell Choir
Director, Peter Nichols

Calls-II. Love Birds (2014)

Calls is a three movement flute solo that mimics the sounds of the Native American flute. The second movement, Love Birds, mimics the sounds of two birds calling to one another, with one bird obviously not always listening to what the other one has to say.

Anne Reynolds, flute