Alan W. Schmitz

Alan W. Schmitz age 72

ALAN W. SCHMITZ Biography Alan Schmitz (born March 21, 1950, Kenmare, ND) is Emeritus Professor of Theory and Composition, School of Music, University of Northern Iowa-Cedar Falls. He earned bachelor and master of music degrees from the University of New Mexico and the Ph.D. in music theory and composition from Rutgers University. Schmitz has received awards, commissions, and grants for composition from several agencies including the Alaska Council of the Arts, the Iowa Arts Council, the University of Northern Iowa, and the Lila Wallace/Readers Digest Foundation. His music appears on the Capstone/PARMA Records label. Dr. Schmitz retired from the University of Northern Iowa in June, 2017, after 23 years as Associate Director of the School of Music. He now resides in the Houston, Texas area. April, 2023


Opening Flourish for solo Violin (recording)
This is a very short piece composed in 2002 for daughter Emily to use as the opener for a recital she gave at the end of her high school senior year in Iowa. This recording, made in December, 2019 by Emily Schmitz Madonia, appears on the ACE Composers II Further Developments by Alan, Christopher, and Eric Schmitz album released on Ravello Records (PARMA) in January of 2023.
Dance and Dream Sequence for solo Guitar (recording)
This work was composed in 1996 and appears on two PARMA Ravello releases of music by Alan Schmitz ("90s Timeflow" and "Lyric Images"), performed by the exceptional guitarist Todd Seelye. The form is ABA. The A sections are spritely dances in 6/8 meter, while the middle portion is the expressive and slower moving "dream sequence" in 4/4 meter.