Adam Scott Neal (b. 1981, Atlanta) is a composer whose work ranges from chamber music to video to tinkering with toys and homebrew electronics. Described as "exquisitely crafted" (Creative Loafing), his pieces reflect a fascination with objects and technologies – namely, their capabilities, limitations, and shifting cultural meanings. Adam's music is relatively minimal, encouraging listeners to focus on the little details that make instruments unique and beautiful. Groups for whom he has composed include Bent Frequency, Beo String Quartet, Chamber Cartel, Guidonian Hand, Iktus Percussion, and loadbang. His work also appears regularly on acronymic festivals such as EMM, IHS, LAC, NACUSA, NYCEMF, SCI, and SEAMUS. Adam earned a PhD at the University of Florida and previous degrees at Queen's University Belfast and Georgia State University. He currently works at East Carolina University and directs the Composers Workshop at the Charlotte New Music Festival.


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Interiors - album of chamber music

Selected Works


blocks (8') - string quartet
pent-up (5') - sax & perc duo
speaks (5') - fixed media
Tribunal (for Flint) (11') - dance score (electroacoustic)


A Cave (5') - piano + fixed media
hammers (6') - toy piano
fourteen (5') - perc septet
discs (8') - perc quartet


bends (4') - video
Brother (5') - sax + fixed media
5th W (7') - baritone voice, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet
Object (5') - orchestra


Keys (17') - piano, percussion, and fixed media
cords (6') - electric guitar, computer, and optional video
Adhmad (6') - flute, cello, and percussion


Tčarmunn (7') - horn and vibraphone
Tidal (8') - piano and fixed media
Nyx (4') - oboe
C/K/P (5') - video


fluid dynamics (6') - video
Interiors (6') - flute and guitar
Tether (5') - mobile electronic performance art


Mirror Universes 1-6 (30') - set of indeterminate duets


Pachamama (9') - percussion trio
Searching for Coincidences (5') - flute duet


Five Pieces for Laptop Quartet (30-45')
Obedience School (10') - tape
Figures in Bas-Relief (7') - fl, cl, vc, pno, perc


Tanka (7') - cello or viola
Petrichor (7') - clarinet and tape


Five Movements on Mondrian (6'30")- video
Straphanger (6') - tape
Three Haiku (15') - flute, guitar, viola, percussion


Deviations (7')– clarinet, violin, cello, piano


Nympholepsy (6'30”) – solo flute

SoundCloud Playlist
C/K/P - video

cords - electric guitar, computer, and video

555 - for electronic toys

101 Lullabies - sound sculpture/installation


dampers (for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano)

PDF score

dampers for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, is a study in sustain and release.

Live recording by Terminus Ensemble (Nicole Chamberlain, flute; Jason Passmore, clarinet; Tracy Woodard, violin; Jean Gay, cello; Ipek Brooks, piano)

5th W (for voice, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet)

PDF score

5th W explores vowels and timbral connections among these aerophone instruments (voice, trumpet, trombone, and bass clarinet).

Live recording by loadbang (Jeff Gavett, voice; Andrew Kozar, trumpet; Will Lang, trombone; Adrian Sandi, bass clarinet)

fourteen (for percussion septet)

PDF score

fourteen, for percussion ensemble, is a mellow piece for a rainy day.

fourteen is written for early high school level percussion ensemble. While rhythmically simple, the players are encouraged to focus on the small details and changes in their parts, as well as the ways in which their parts work together.

Live recording by Woodland High School Percussion Ensemble. Brandon Dodge, conductor

Nyx (for oboe)

PDF score

Nyx, for oboe, refers to water nymphs from German mythology.

This piece was written very quickly, over the course of a weekend. Like many of my recent pieces, this is concerned with projecting extended harmonies and with very restricted motivic material. The piece is based on an octatonic scale, and projects three triads derived from that scale: d-minor, A-flat Major, and B Major. I consider the low motive somewhat of a drone (especially in reverberant spaces).

Live recording: Joseph Tomasso, oboe