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2004 SCI National Conference

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Wednesday, March 3

7:30 Concert I: UCO Symphonic Band, Dr. Lori Wooden, director (Mitchell)

Thursday, March 4

Concert II: BYOP I (Pegasus)

Concert III: Songs and Strings (Pegasus)

2:30 Concert IV: Brass Quintet and Miscellaneous Chamber Music (Pegasus)

Concert V: Oklahoma Youth Orchestra, Dr. John Clinton, conductor (Mitchell Hall)

8:30 Concert VI: UCO Wind Ensemble, Dr. Brian Lamb, director (Mitchell Hall)

Friday, March 5

AMC Presentation (Mitchell Hall)

Concert VII: A Cello and Woodwind Interlude with (Mitchell Hall)

11:15 Concert VIII: New Century Ensemble, Christina Jennings, director (Mitchell Hall)

1:30 Concert IX: UCO Percussion Ensemble, David Hardman, director
the UCO Chamber Orchestra, Dr. Hong Zhu, conductor
The UCO Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Lori Wooden, conductor (Mitchell Hall)

3:30 Concert X: OCU Orchestra, Mark Parker, conductor (Mitchell Hall)

Concert XI: Choir with Brass and Strings and Cello (First Christian Church)

Saturday, March 6

10 Concert XII: Chad Burrows, clarinet and Amy Cheng, piano (Pegasus)

2:00 Concert XIII: BYOP‚ II (Jazz Lab)

3:30 Concert XIV: UCO Saxophone Quartet (Jazz Lab)

8:00 Concert XV: BYOP III (Pegasus)